Jacobs: Pandora outpacing radio in efforts to attract young professional employees

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Jun 13 2013 - 12:55pm

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You know Pandora is building its local sales forces with experienced radio AEs. The webcaster, Jacobs Media president Fred Jacobs writes today, is also working to show young professionals that it's a far cooler, friendlier, more exciting, and more vibrant place to work.

Check out Fred's Jacoblog today to see Pandora's three-minute video produced to convey just that message.

Whither radio? Radio used to be able to get away with offering low salaries and benefits because everyone wanted to be in radio. Today, radio's more likely to be announcing lay-offs than new rounds of hiring. And that's going to hurt radio's future.

"It’s a different world," Jacobs writes. "There’s not an endless supply of great people who want to work here."

Fred's even moving his company to a different office space he says will "reflect the changing nature of younger workers and their needs."

Here's some inspiration for him: Today Wired writes about the new launch of Herman Miller’s Public Office Landscape furniture system, and the response to it from Fuseproject (the design firm run by Yves Béhar) "to capture the spirit of our networked lives in a collection of chairs, desks, and space shaping components."

Read Jacobs' Jacoblog piece here and Wired here.


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