iTunes Radio review: "First truly modern take on what terrestrial radio wishes it could be"

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Jun 21 2013 - 12:50pm

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Fast Company's FastCoLabs has reviewed Apple's upcoming iTunes Radio (it's available to developers through the iOS 7 beta, which you can get here) -- and seems really enthused by the way Apple links song plays to purchase opportunities via iTunes.

"Radio was always meant to be a promotion tool, a way to sell more music," blogger Tyler Hayes wrote (he blogs at and contributes to Hypebot). "Now a 'buy' button lives next to every song, or a wish list one for those hesitant, and it feels like this is how modern radio should function."

Now, we've always felt that most professional webcast services make it plenty easy to buy the music you hear. But, arguably, already being "in" iTunes (and, more importantly, having those purchases affect the music you hear on your personal stations) seems pretty advantageous.

Another cool feature Hayes brings up is the "Song History," where you can go back and see what you've already heard, get a short audio sample to remind you which track it was that caught your ear 20 minutes ago, and buy it. Hayes calls it the "crown feature." He says, "iTunes Radio feels like the first truly modern take on what terrestrial radio wishes it could be."

Read the review here.


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Indeed, the music industry is

Indeed, the music industry is fast-paced. New hits and technologies supersede the old. - David Slone

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