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Amidst an IPO from Internet radio leader Pandora and the hotly-anticipated U.S. launch of Spotify, “a strange thing happened,” writes Billboard. A new, cartoon-populated music start-up called became “the most buzzed-about digital music service in years.”

The New York Times agrees (here), describing as “revelatory” and “delightful…[it] gives you a live, as-it’s-happening exchange that’s akin to having all your friends over for a party.”

So what exactly is Basically, users join different rooms where they hear and can rate music played by other users (acting as “DJs”). It’s very much like Internet radio: nearly all the listeners in a room are hearing a playlist of music they didn’t pick. And though users can rate songs like Pandora or similar customizable web radio services, everyone in a room is hearing the same music at the same time.

Another twist is the fact that users can jump up the DJ spot and pick specific songs to play to the room. DJs earn points for playing music other users approve of (“like an online game,” writes Billboard) and everyone in a room can chat with each other in real time.

The site is in an invite-only stage and the music played currently leans toward indie and electronic genres. But has over 370,000 monthly active users up from 50,000 a month ago. The service recently raised $7.5 million in funding based on a $37.5 million valuation (RAIN coverage here).

You can read Billboard‘s full spotlight of here.


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