Infinite Dial study shows nearly half of CHR P1s are weekly Net radio listeners

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Apr 26 2013 - 11:05am

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New details from The Infinite Dial 2013 show that CHR ("Top 40"), rock, urban, and public radio "P1" listeners are significantly more likely than fans of other formats to be engaged with new media, including online listening.

A station's or format's "P1" listeners are those that consume that particular programming above all others. It's typical for about one-third of a station's cumulative listeners to be P1s, and yet they might easily account for two-thirds (or more) of total listening.

Arbitron and Edison Research annually conduct "The Infinite Dial" to examine radio listeners' adoption and engagement of new media technology. They initially released the 2013 edition earlier this month (RAIN coverage here), and presented additional details at RAIN Summit West (here).

The researchers polled listeners of nine different radio formats, and found that just under half (47%) of CHR P1s are weekly online radio listeners (one-third have listened to Pandora in the past seven days). Whereas Net radio's weekly reach is about one-third of the population in general, about 40% of rock, urban, and public radio P1s are weekly online listeners.

More than seven in 10 CHR P1s own a smartphone, more than eight in ten have a social media profile (with almost half using social media several times a day). Additionally, public radio listeners are the most fervent podcast listeners (34% have listened in the last month), and about 40% of public radio and Adult Contemporary P1s own a tablet device.

Arbitron and Edison Research will release specific reports for each of the nine radio formats they studied next month. Read more in Arbitron's press release here.


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