iHeartRadio announces new head of programming, and discloses audience metrics

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Nov 8 2013 - 11:50am

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Clear Channel-owned iHeartRadio announced today that Chris Williams, former VP of Programming for Clear Channel Cincinnati, is joining the New York office as SVP of iHeartRadio programming.

According to the press release, Williams will work on some of iHeart’s most-publicized programming ventures, including the live events that are streamed digitally, such as album release parties and the iHeart Music Festival.

On-site programming has been enhanced recently with features such as iHeartRadio Talk, and a concierge-style playlisting section called “Perfect For.” (RAIN coverage here.)

Today’s announcement also discloses audience metrics. The service has 40-million registered users. Registration is not necessary to listen to iHeart stations, so the actual usage footprint is certainly higher. iHeart claims to have reached the 40-million milestone faster than any other digital service except Instagram.


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Registration is not necessary

Registration is not necessary to listen to iHeart stations, so the actual usage footprint is certainly higher.

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