Hear audio from Vegas Summit on TuneIn and SoundCloud

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Apr 17 2013 - 12:35pm

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We're really happy to let you know that you can now hear complete audio from our recent RAIN Summit West conference in Las Vegas earlier this month. If you weren't able to make it out to Vegas for the show (or you were, and you'd like to review), audio of every panel, speech, and presentation is now available.

First, we've uploaded every element from the Summit as separate audio files to SoundCloud, which you can find here. Listen to each on-demand, in any order you want, when you're ready.

You can also listen to the Summit, front-to-back, as a stream from RAIN Summits streaming partner TuneIn (which carried audio live along with technology partner Backbone Networks). RAIN Summit West on TuneIn is here (if you have any problems connecting, please try both the AAC and MP3 streams -- you'll see links in the lower-right on TuneIn under "AVAILABLE STREAMS"). You can also listen via TuneIn's mobile app -- just look under "Talk" and "Technology," or search for "RAIN Summit."

Make sure you visit RAIN Summits' Facebook page as well for snapshots from the event (including the RAIN Reader Cocktail Party).

Registration is now open for the May 23 RAIN Summit Europe at the Hotel BLOOM! in Brussels. Please visit the RAIN Summit Europe page for agenda details and to register.


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