Gracenote launches developer program, now competes with The Echo Nest

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Feb 19 2013 - 12:20pm

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Metadata and music recognition technology company Gracenote has launched the Gracenote Developer program, making available tools for developers to build services using Gracenote data. Gracenote has licensed their technology before, but has now released it music APIs ("application programming interface") and SDKs ("software development kit") fully.

Now, a music service (like a webcaster) can use these tools to add Gracenote-powered functionality to their service. Gracenote's MusicID, for example, can identify artists, albums, and songs by "hearing" them via a mobile phone. Gracenote's database has descriptive metadata for more than two thousand music genres and subgenres, and more than 100 musical "moods," and is the world's largest commercial source of album cover art and artist bios.

As MusicAlly reports, this puts Gracenote in more direct competition with music intelligence data company The Echo Nest, "whose APIs have been used for more than 350 apps (not to mention Spotify, Nokia, Vevo and Clear Channel), and which raised $17.3m of funding in 2012 before poaching two of Gracenote’s senior executives."

More from Gracenote here. Read more from MusicAlly here.


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