Gracenote hack tailors music to driving conditions

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Feb 20 2013 - 8:20am

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We reported yesterday on metadata and music ID company Gracenote launching their developer program and giving access and tools for others to build services using Gracenote's data. Today GigaOm reports on Gracenote hacking a Ford Focus to get access to vehicle performance data -- and using that data in the car's entertainment system. The result: a car audio system that musically responds to your driving conditions!

At the Music Hack Day event in San Franciso last weekend, Gracenote engineers tapped a Focus' "Control Area Network." Using that info, Gracenote triggered the audio system to play different songs based on what the car was doing (windshield wipers on, accelerating over 50 mph, etc.).

While this "is hardly a mood-sensing stereo," GigaOm writes, "Where Gracenote takes this technology next will be very interesting. Imagine if you could plug this info into Pandora’s music recommendations algorithm... Once Pandora learns you like to listen to the Rolling Stones when on the open highway with the top down, it effectively starts learning your driving moods."

Read more in GigaOm, and see a demo video, here.


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