Good news/bad news for broadcast streamers in January Net radio ratings

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Mar 8 2013 - 6:10pm

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While broadcasters' streaming listening largely rebounded to pre-holiday levels in January, Triton Digital's latest Webcast Metrics data raises an alarm for AM/FM radio: just 20% of its online listening is happening on mobile devices.

The January online radio rankings report was released yesterday, and Triton Digital prefaced the rankings by revealing that those who listen to broadcast radio streams listen on desktop computers 80% of the time. While mobile streaming of terrestrial radio programming was indeed up 18% in January, that should give broadcasters pause.

It's generally perceived that the bulk of Internet radio's growth is on mobile devices. Already, pureplay Net radio listeners use mobile devices 70% of the time, and the mobile compenent of Pandora's listening is well over 75% by now. If mobile streaming is where radio listening is headed, broadcasters need to get in the game. 

[Then again, if you want to listen to a local station, in most cases, it's just as easy to flip on the radio... especially if you're in the car.]

Looking at the rankings, January brought significant returns for many AM/FM streams after listening fell off during the holidays (Trition Digital reminds the reader while both December and January were 31 days long, January had two additional weekdays, but December had an extra weekend).

ESPN Radio came roaring back 44% in January, for what looks to be its best month of online listening ever (one might credit the end of NFL season and the Superbowl for that). Cox was also up to pre-holiday form (up 31% over December), Cumulus was up 20%, and even CBS was up 18%. NPR Member stations were up 36%, but as always, that may reflect bringing new streams into the group.

While up just slightly since December, Pandora's year-over-year listening is up an impressive 53%.

See Triton Digital's January 2013 Online Audio Top 20 Ranker here.


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