FindStream charts include "All-Time Hits"

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Aug 30 2013 - 11:40am

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Reading Eliot Van Buskirk's blog earlier this month, we learned about Findstream, a service that creates rankings of the most-played songs on Internet radio.

Owned by an organization called Balakam, Findstream runs a "live stream search & analysis engine that automatically locates all sources of live broadcasting audio and video streams on the web," and tracks over 27-thousand online stations to compile rankings of the hottest music.

It doesn't seem, as Van Buskirk points out, that FindStream can track "personalized" radio streams (like Pandora), only "live" streams (such as broadcaster simulcasts, or webcasters that stream "one-to-many"). Even so, that's still quite a bit of data from which to base charts.

There are four types of charts (New Music, Hot Songs, Top Songs, and All-Time Hits), in five musical genres, plus "overall."

See FindStream here.


This is cool! I can now see

This is cool! I can now see all the tracks of the songs that I liked the most. - Sandra Dyche

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