Farber announces RAB initiative to examine radio streaming

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Sep 20 2013 - 9:10am

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Radio Advertising Bureau CEO Erica Farber revealed in her address at The Radio Show yesterday her organization has created a "Streaming Initiative Committee" and is "taking a deep dive look into all aspects of streaming — definitions, delivery, metrics, etc." She promised more would be revealed in the coming weeks.

Farber assessed broadcast radio's new tech track record by saying "Unlike some other media, radio has taken an aggressive stand and taken advantage of technology to deliver content."

Of course, many industry observers would say exactly the opposite. Truly, how aggressive can the industry be if the RAB is announcing a fact-finding initiative on streaming technology in the year 2013?

Nonetheless, Farber suggested the ad community is on board, saying, "Advertisers recognize the importance of delivering their ad messages across all of radio’s platforms including radio’s fastest growing segment -— digital."

RadioWorld.com has the transcript of Farber's address here.


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That is a good action the RAB

That is a good action the RAB had done, nowadays it is better to screen and examine all the radio streaming before broadcasting on air to ensure that it sounds good and not unjust for the listeners.

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