Experts warn radio the time to bring in younger demos is now

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May 22 2013 - 6:20pm

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Fred Jacobs and Jerry Del Colliano both note this week that radio's "systemic" ambivalence towards the younger set will likely eventually have disastrous results for AM/FM radio.

Jacobs actually refers to "Generation Z's" (today's under-18s), Del Colliano "Millennials" (young adults), but they make a similar point: "When radio loses generations of listeners, its relevance in the world of media options is going to be called into question," Jacobs wrote in his JacoBlog. Del Colliano says what most broadcasters are doing now, in terms of attracting younger demos, is a "losing formula... driving the essential next generation away from radio."

So, what do broadcasters need to do?

"If you want to know what you’ll be doing in a couple of years or so, study teens," Jacobs wrote. To illustrate, he cites the increasingly popular Snapchat photo/social platform -- mostly ignored by radio.

On his Inside Music Media blog, Del Colliano cranked out ten action steps for broadcasters to better speak to teens and young adults, including reformulating the approach towards "morning shows," reinventing radio's "formatics," and building content designed around a "two minutes or less" attention span.

"Fix what's on the air, buy more years and then personally escort your newfound Millennial listeners to your next business -- digital content," he advised.

Jacobs concludes: "Because if you don’t do the research and take the time to listen and learn from Gen Z, you lose powerful insights into what may be right around the corner – your corner."

Read Fred Jacbos' JacoBlog here, and register for Inside Music Media here.



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Some may suggest that radio listeners are going down ,but that is not true.There are still people including youngsters who resort to radio channels for their timely updates on music,news, fashion etc. I can say for sure because i am one among them.Quality radio channels never run out of listeners..How to fix printer spooler error

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It is true that the radio network will stop working if there are no listeners. However this is not going to happen, as I believe that there are many radio listeners in the young generation. Keep on sharing interesting posts like satellite internet providers

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The modern generation is more concerned about their social media accounts rather than listening to the radio stations. It is more like a secondary option for most of them. Experts have stated their opinions quite rightly regarding this.

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Experts warn radio the time to bring in younger demos is now

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