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Sep 21 2011 - 11:00am

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CNet reports ESPN Radio on Slackerthat starting today, ESPN Radio content will be available on Slacker. The partnership between ESPN Radio and Slacker was announced six months ago (RAIN coverage here).

Slacker users can now create custom sports radio stations "based on the type of sport, teams, or ESPN programs," writes CNet. They can also add hourly SportsCenter updates to their music stations. Slacker provides other non-music programming thanks to a partnership with ABC News (more here).

Find more coverage from CNet here.


It is happy news for all the

It is happy news for all the slacker users as from now onwards they can enjoy the commentaries without any barrier. How long is it available? Hope there are no additional charges for the services. rack mount cabinet

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ESPN is making sure that the

ESPN is making sure that the fans get the best seats in the house. They are bring the network closer to the fans. - Richard E. Dover

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