Entrepreneurs generate fans, and funds, for radio innovations using Kickstarter

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Apr 17 2012 - 11:00am

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Kickstarter, you may know, is an online platform by which entrepreneurs and innovators can crowdsource funding to realize their goals. You post your idea for a project or a business, a fund-raising goal, and your deadline. If you convince enough visitors to pledge money that you meet your goal, you're funded!

Radiosurvivor.com recently published "Five Kickstarter radio projects that worked," a round-up of projects that have been raising money on the Kickstarter platform.

Two are webcasters. BBOX Radio is in Brooklyn, and features local music and arts, and offer a live performance space. Mutiny Radio is also community-based, and originates from its own cafe in San Francisco.

Two other projects have a more international tilt. Radio Tanzania is working to digitize over 100,000 hours of original Tanzanian music, stored on fragile audio tape and mostly recorded in the days after that country gained its independence from colonial rule. They plan to feature content on CD and a website. Radio Ambulante is a Spanish-language show, and features stories of Latin Americans in the U.S. and Latin America.

The last project, Hidden Radio, has raised more than $900-thousand to fund its idea: a device that's a radio receiver and speaker for other portable devices.

Read RadioSurvivor's coverage of these cool projects here.


This is a good innovation for

This is a good innovation for the radio. I like it. It is somehow entertaining. - Paul Kadiri

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