eMarketer: Association with music, in-stream audio ads make Net radio appealing to ad buyers

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Feb 6 2013 - 1:05pm

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A forecast from a new eMarketer report, "Internet Radio: Marketers Move In," has the U.S. Internet radio audience growing 11.1% to 147.3 million this year. "Expansion will continue for the next several years, though rates will taper off to single-digit percentages," says eMarketer.

During that time, eMarketer expects U.S. Internet radio ad revenues to hit $970 million, then grow to $1.31 billion by 2016 (this includes all streaming, website, text, e-mail, and mobile advertising, and advertising on HD Radio). The news source points out that while positive, these growth forecasts are more modest than those for other digital media.

"Still, advertisers are eager to attach their brands to internet broadcasting and other music-streaming properties. There are several reasons for this, among them: the appeal of associating a brand with a particular genre or artist; the extent to which internet radio is driven primarily by ads; and the appeal of in-steam audio ads, which are harder to avoid or skip than other forms of digital advertising," reads the eMarketer press release.

See more, including a link to purchase the report, here.


I think this will actually

I think this will actually benefit both the broadcast and ad agents, they can see the real information about the popularity of each video station. So they can decide which station they want to put the ad. Also the broadcast can decide the price based on their profile.
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Oh here we go again. You will struggle to find a bigger collection of idiots and monkeys than law school resume. They are a horse designed by committee, turn them into supermarket check-out employees or something else useful like software developers, but then maybe not probably they would stuff that up also. Please let us extend this scheme to Association with music.


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