EMarketer analyst says "more media content is making its way across the social web"

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Jun 22 2012 - 11:50am

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Paul Verna's analysis shows content publishers (e.g. news sources, video services, and even Internet radio) are making significant inroads with effectively using Facebook and Twitter to increase audience.

As of February, "content engagement" by Facebook users is up 46% compared to before Facebook introduced its "Timeline" interface.

Meanwhile, Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism says 39% of Twitter users say "most of the news they got on Twitter in January 2012 was not material they would have read elsewhere." Facebook's percentage 34%. Doing the math with user estimates for the two services, eMarketer figures "more than 11 million Twitter users and more than 48 million Facebook users" use the services to discover news and content.

"Marketers who are savvy about how to use Facebook are focusing... on the site’s strength as a content portal, its viral power and its ability to deliver qualitative and quantitative feedback on brand campaigns," Verna writes in his report, called "Facebook and Twitter as Media Platforms: News, Video, Music and Games."

The report is availble here. Read eMarketer's summary here.


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