Echo Nest data may help developers "build playlisting, radio, music recommendation and music discovery" into Spotify apps

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Mar 29 2012 - 11:55am

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The Echo NestThe Echo Nest -- the music intelligence platform that powers iHeartRadio's custom radio streams and Spotify's radio service -- has integrated its API with that from Spotify. The partnership makes it "easier for any Spotify app developer to tap The Echo Nest’s music intelligence technology," reports The Next Web. 

Essentially, developers now have Spotify's vast library at their disposal, combined with the wealth of data The Echo Nest provides (related artists, social information, biographies, lyrics and more). The result may be more Spotify apps offering a personalizable radio listening experience.

For an idea of what those apps may be like, look to apps SpotON Radio (pictured left) and Echofi. Both are third-party services that run outside of Spotify, but use data from The Echo Nest to build personalizable radio stations out of music from Spotify. You can find RAIN coverage on SpotON Radio here and Echofi here.

SpotON RadioAs earlier mentioned, The Echo Nest powers the customizable radio service on Clear Channel's iHeartRadio and Spotify's own official radio service. Its API will now include Spotify song IDs, as well as data from Twitter, Facebook, Lyricfind, MusixMatch, 7Digital, EMI, Free Music Archive, MusicBrainz, Rdio and Seatwave.

"With all these partners on board," writes Billboard (here), "the Echo Nest is developing an intricate web of music listening knowledge, and app developers that want to launch on Spotify's platform can use that information to help build playlisting, radio, music recommendation and music discovery into their apps, making them more versatile and dynamic."

Some of Spotify's existing third-party apps include offerings from, Moodagent, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork and many others (RAIN coverage here and here). You can find more coverage from The Next Web here and Hypebot here.

Spotify also just announced it's lifting listening limits for free users (which Spotify monetizes with advertising). You can find more coverage here.

If you want to learn more about Spotify, The Echo Nest and the future of personalizable radio on the Internet, we invite you to attend RAIN Summit West 2012. It will feature members of Spotify, The Echo Nest, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Slacker and other services as speakers. You can find out more about the upcoming conference here.


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