Deezer exec to speak; panel to address ad sales at RAIN Summit Europe

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Apr 26 2013 - 11:05am

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One of the five special presentations scheduled for RAIN Summit Europe will come from Deezer VP/ad sales David Deslandes. Deezer is the web and mobile music streaming service based in France that's perhaps Spotify's most primary competitor. It's available in 182 countries (but not yet the U.S.), and boasts 30 million users.

Deezer already has an app for Microsoft Windows 8. And like Spotify, Deezer allows developers to create unique-purpose apps that access the Deezer music library. A former Microsoft executive, Paris-based Deslandes (pictured) joined Deezer as Deputy GM/Head of ad sales in July 2011.

RAIN Summits this week released the full day's agenda for the May 23 RAIN Summit Europe event in Brussels (RAIN coverage here).

RAIN Summit Europe has also scheduled five panel discussions. The first of those, "Identifying Online Audio's Sales Proposition," will focus on sales for ad-supported music streaming services. Adswizz VP/sales & marketing Patrick Roger and Havas Media head of radio Jean Pierre Cassaing (both also in France) will join Radio Marketing Service head of business development for digital media Lars Peters (Germany), Spotify Benelux managing director Tom Segers (Belgium), and Lagardere Active CR director of digital vision Lubor Zoufal (Czech Republic) on the panel. Nicolas Moulard, consultant at Actuonda in Spain will moderate.

The full agenda for RAIN Summit Europe is here, where you can also find Amiando and Eventbrite links to register for the event (just €99.00).


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