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Sep 16 2011 - 12:00pm

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On-demand music services MOG and Rdio made headlines this week for launching limited free versions to users, much like Spotify. These new free offerings include radio-like features that -- thanks to the on-demand nature of MOG and RdioRdio -- give users somewhat more control over the music than they would find from webcasters.

Both Rdio and MOG -- like Spotify and other on-demand services -- allow users to find and listen to whatever songs they want (for example, OK Computer  by Radiohead in its entirety).

But users can also create instant, radio-like artist-based playlists with Rdio and MOG -- much like Pandora or other webcasters. But unlike Pandora, MOG and Rdio let users decide if they want similar artists in the radio playlist at all (as in, I could create a MOG radio station with just Radiohead's music).MOG's new free service, complete with radio-like offerings

MOG's player (pictured above) even provides a slider to fine-tune just how much similar music you want in your radio playlist. Users can also see the entire playlist, skip as many tracks ahead as they'd like or revist previously-heard tracks
These features aren't new, but previously users would have to pay $5-10 per month to use them. Now they're completely free, just like Pandora, Slacker,, iHeartRadio and other Internet radio services.

That said, the free services are limited. MOG's service includes ads and limits how much music users can play in a month (though they can earn more in game-like ways, as Wired explains here). Rdio's free offering may simply be an extended free trial, as MediaBeat writes here.


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The better the features the

The better the features the better the radio the more the people would love to engage and listen into. - Richard E. Dover


even provides a slider to fine-tune just how much identical songs you want in your stereo playlist. Customers can also see the whole playlist, miss as many paths forward as they'd like or revist previously-heard paths. wow a say wow this really something to buy I'll have to save up for this

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