Cox signs on as first LDR Grüvr client broadcaster

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Aug 7 2013 - 1:15pm

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LDR Interactive has launched a new mobile offering called Grüvr to bring a new level of user-interaction to broadcast radio. Cox Media Group will be the first radio client to use Gruvr for 33 of its stations in 11 markets.

Grüvr mobile app users can vote in real-time to affect which song plays next (and can integrate with other LDR products). Users can create audio dedications using Grüvr's "open mic" feature. The apps are integrated with social platforms like Facebook and Twitter for sharing and dedications.

There's a "gamification" element to it as well, as listeners can earn badges with use, that can be customized by the client for different "achievements." LDR (formerly known as Listener Driven Radio) has included an alarm clock function into the app, which awakens listeners with customizable content like local weather forecast, names of Facebook friends having birthdays, and station contest reminders (before launching the station stream).

Cox stations in Atlanta and Athens, GA; Dayton; Houston; Jacksonville; Long Island; Miami; Orlando; San Antonio; Tampa; and Tulsa started introducing the apps to listeners in June. All 33 Cox stations that have signed on will offer the new apps by the middle of this month.

"We believe that the mashup of social-local-mobile-broadcasting has potential to drive interactive engagement around music listening in an unprecedented way for the radio industry," LDR CEO Daniel Anstandig said.


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that the mashup of social-local-mobile-broadcasting has potential to drive interactive engagement around music listening in an unprecedented way for the radio industry
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