Cox latest broadcaster to support Internet Radio Fairness Act

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Nov 13 2012 - 12:45pm

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The Cox Media Group has officially announced its support of the Internet Radio Fairness Act (details of the bill are here) that would move Internet radio royalty determinations away from the controversial "willing buyer willing seller" standard to the more widely-accepted 801(b) standard.

"We believe the current royalty system for Internet radio actually hinders its future and growth," CMG Director of Communications Andy McDill said. "Cox Media Group strongly believes in a vibrant Internet radio marketplace, where artists, broadcasters and our listeners benefit from a sustainable rate setting process."

Other broadcast groups supporting the bill include Clear Channel and Salem Communications. Other supporters include webcasters like Pandora, Radio Paradise, and AccuRadio; plus groups like the Consumer Electronics Association and the Computer and Commmunications Industry Association.

While the NAB hasn't explicitly signed on as a supporter of the IRFA, when the bill was introduced the group said it "strongly supports legislative efforts to establish fair webcast streaming rates. NAB will work with the bill's sponsors and all interested parties to create broadcast radio streaming rates that promote new distribution platforms and new revenue streams that foster the future growth of music" (here).

Read more in Radio Online here.


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