Clear Channel releases iHeartRadio app for Windows Phone 8

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Jul 1 2013 - 1:40pm

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Clear Channel has launched its iHeartRadio app for Windows Phone 8 app. For two weeks beginning today, iHeartRadio will be featured in Microsoft's "Summer of Appiness" campaign, which encourages customers to visit their local Microsoft retail store to experience the latest version of the app.

More than 1,500 live radio station streams are available on iHeartRadio (in addition to Clear Channel-owned broadcasters, the app also includes streams from Univision, Cumulus, Greater Media stations, WNYC, EMF's Contemporary Christian Air1 and K-Love stations, college radio, Cox, Emmis, Salem and others). It also offers user-created "Custom Stations" and Songza-like "Perfect For" mood-related stations. Clear Channel has recently added what it calls the "Discovery Tuner" to iHeartRadio. With it, the listener can adjust a Custom Station to play more familiar songs, or select "Less Familiar" to play a wider variety (we've seen this type of "slider" control with SiriusXM's MySXM and Slacker).

The new Windows Phone 8 app will enable users to pin stations directly to the phone's Start screen as Live Tiles for quick launch, and will allow users to view what's playing without opening the app.


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