Build a Wi-Fi radio, whip your music collection into shape and other stuff to do this weekend

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Nov 18 2011 - 12:00pm

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RAIN's DIY web radio ideasThe weekend is here, perhaps the last before holiday-related craziness sets in. Why not take advantage of the lull before the storm to tackle some web radio and online music DIY projects?

For example, if you're thinking about uploading your music to Google Music, Lifehacker has some tips to consider before getting started (here). The first step is to whip your music collection into shape, which may be a weekend project in and of itself! (At least, it was for your humble correspondent.)

If your digital music collection needs a complete overhaul -- like re-ripping all your CDs -- Computer Audiophile can help. They have a whole guide on how to rip CDs the right way right here.

While your music is (slowly, oh so slowly) uploading to Google Music, try your hand at building your own tabletop Wi-Fi radio. has a video guide right here. If that sounds a bit too daunting, you could "reanimate a classy vintage corpse" -- that is, an old radio -- by stuffing a modern Wi-Fi web radio inside it. Gizmodo has more on that project here.

To wire up your whole home with networked music and Internet radio, RAIN recommends building your own VortexBox (find guides here). But if that's a bit too pricey (or confusing), just use Apple's AirPlay instead! Lifehacker has tips on how to use the wireless system with non-Apple devices here.

Finally, to ease out of the weekend and prep for your Monday morning commute, why not install an iPad into your car dashboard to stream web radio apps? No sweat, right? has a video guide for installing an iPad in a Ford Mustang here.

Did we miss a cool DIY web radio project? Planning on tackling any of these ideas this weekend? Let us and fellow RAIN readers know in the comments!


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Just built a VortexBox this

Just built a VortexBox this weekend. It's amazing. Even rips DVDs and sends them to my Samsung UPnP TV. Thanks for the tip.

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