Billboard says Spotify not-even-close to being labels' #2 source of revenue

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Jul 2 2012 - 11:35am

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Last week we covered (here) Business Insider's report that on-demand music Spotify had become major music labels' second-largest source of revenue, behind the iTunes Music Store. Following up, says (paraphrasing here): "Nuh-uh."

While "Spotify may be the second-largest digital account for major labels," (not paraphrasing), "Walmart can generate more music sales in one country than Spotify can generate around the world." estimates Walmart had about $525 million in 2011 music revenue. Spotify total revenue was reportedly about $250 million, and probably less than $175 million went back to record companies.

Looking solely at the U.S. market, Spotify (or all on-demand streaming, for that matter) isn't even close to second-place. For instance, SoundExchange paid labels $292 million from the performance royalties it collected from satellite and Internet radio. "Subscription services as a whole returned only $132.7 million in 2011. Subscription services were also less valuable to labels than synchronization royalties ($196.5 million) and mobile platforms ($277.4 million)," the news source wrote.

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