BIA/Kelsey says radio should see online ad revenues grow nearly 11% a year

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Mar 27 2013 - 3:05pm

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BIA/Kelsey projects online ad revenue for radio will grow 10.8% annually over the next five year (while on-air ad revenues will grow only 2.5% a year), hitting $818 million by then. The group's new Investing in Radio Market Report is out today.

Radio earned $491 million online in ad revenues last year, accounting for just over three percent of total revenue (though markets like Boston earned as much as 14.2% online).

The RAB reported radio's Q4 2012 digital revenue at $206 million (up 11%), and overall 2012 digital revenue at $767 million (up 8%) (see RAIN here). BIA/Kelsey recently released its forecasts on local media ad spending (and the digital share thereof) (see RAIN here). The Pew Research center predicted satellite and online-only radio have an even brighter digital ad revenue upside (see RAIN here).

RAIN Summit West will feature two panels, "Profiting from Mobile" and "Jump Start Your Revenue," to examine trends and discuss strategy to maximize digital revenue. More info is here.

Read more about BIA/Kelsey's report today in here.


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