Behold the least-portable iPod accessory ever: the 700lb iNuke Boom

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Feb 7 2012 - 11:10am

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Behringer, which has designed sound and lighting systems for musicians, broke into the consumer electronics market at CES by launching 50 new products.

It's the 51st that's rather hard to ignore, however. It's 4-feet tall, about as deep, and twice as wide. And it's an iPod dockSee the tiny little iPod on top there? 

The 10-thousand watt iNuke Boom weighs more than 700 pounds and costs $30-thousand

We haven't heard it, so we can't comment on its sound, but we do have the sense that this thing was designed to compensate for more than low bitrate MP3s. Just sayin'.

There's more (along with the press release) at Engadget here.


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