Atom Factory CEO's vision for radio disruption is here: Internet radio in the car

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May 1 2013 - 12:50pm

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Troy Carter is founder and chairman/CEO of entertainment management company Atom Factory -- he's Lady Gaga's manager. He says when he thinks of music industry segments ripe for some tech-driven disruption, he thinks of AM/FM radio. He spoke yesterday at this week's Disrupt NY 2013 conference.

When asked "what holes a technology start-up could fill" that would benefit working musicians, Carter said "Figuring out terrestrial radio, particularly in America."

"I think the opening right is figuring out terrestrial radio, that's the one space that Sirius could have done it with subscription radio, but you look at Clear Channel and CBS, it’s not what people want," he said. "People just get in a car and turn on a local station. It’s going to be interesting when you get in your car and you’re listening to a 17-year-old kid in Russia."

Which, to us, sounds a lot like Internet-delivered radio -- which can be delivered to your car today!

Reporting on Carter's remarks, TechCrunch suggests it's a company like Slacker as "the type of product that could play a role."

TechCrunch's coverage of Carter's remarks, with video, is here.



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