Apps for on-demand service Spotify add "interesting, programmed and curated channels"

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Dec 1 2011 - 11:00am

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Spotify's new app platformYesterday on-demand music service Spotify announced a new app platform that allows partners like Rolling Stone and to steer listeners towards new music discoveries in the same way traditional radio has for years.

For example, the app from CBS Music Interactive's will not only recommend new Spotify music to users but will automatically create radio-like playlists based on a single track or the user's listening history. "This is bound to be a killer app for the service," writes Engadget (here).

Rolling Stone's app similarly will offer curated playlists every day "to highlight cool new music," writes VentureBeat. "A Moodagent app will help choose tracks according to your state of mind," writes MediaPost

"The apps turn Spotify into something more than just a streaming music service," comments VentureBeat. "Now, Spotify can be the center of your musical universe."

"Spotify becomes an on-demand service AND an endless number of interesting, programmed and curated channels with this move," writes Audio4Cast's Jennifer Lane (here).

Other app partners include Billboard, Pitchfork, We Are Hunted, The Guardian and others. Spotify will allow other third-party developers to build apps as well. 

In sum, the apps will help users discover and learn more about new music -- all within Spotify's "sandbox." The app platform moves Spotify closer to competing directly with Internet radio services, if not radio as a whole.

Though currently only available to desktop users, the company may eventually bring the app to mobile devices as well.

Spotify is an on-demand music streaming service, allowing users to listen to specific songs out of a library of 15 million tracks. The company offers an ad-support free service and paid subscription offerings. It directly competes with other services like MOG, Rdio and Rhapsody. It currently has 2.5 million paid members worldwide.

You can find out more from Spotify here, VentureBeat here and MediaPost here


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