Apple said to be developing method for embedding links in audio itself

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Aug 9 2013 - 1:00pm

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With a patent filed last year, Apple seems to be working on a way to embed links or other device instructions in audio files -- not in the metadata, but in the audio signal itself.

This "audio hyperlink," reports TechCrunch, "would use audible or inaudible signals embedded in a music or other audio track to link out to other media, or to perform some function on the device when encountered."

Imagine listening to a podcast, and the speaker makes note of a particular picture or graph. The link embedded into the audio could display that image at the right moment -- sort of a Powerpoint-type experience. Or, it might be a way to better associate liner notes and "purchase" links with music files.

By embedding the information into the audio itself, the link could become more portable (not subject to metadata changes or deletion), but not impossible to destroy (through transcoding the audio itself, one could imagine).

TechCrunch suggests could make "audio files into something truly interactive, and better-suited to the multimedia-rich mobile platforms that exist today."

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