Abacast announces cloud-based ad-insertion platform Clarity

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Feb 16 2012 - 11:00am

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Streaming software and services provider Abacast has unveiled what they've dubbed the "Clarity Digital Radio System," a cloud-based ad-insertion and trafficking platform.

Cloud computing generally means the necessary software and processing for clients is on a remote, centralized server, which has the benefits of reduced costs, and easier and faster maintenance, deployment and updating. Abacast CEO Rob Green said, "The use of a cloud-based platform will enable Abacast to quickly and continuously provide incremental value to our customers by focusing almost entirely on new features and functionality."

Clarity is part of a suite of Abacast online radio solutions which include ad-insertion and management, audience analytics, stream delivery, royalty reporting, and mobile and desktop players.



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@kern baxter

Hi, thanks for your comment. Was it addressed to us, or to Abacast?

You write, "everyone knows that 'real' Geo-distributed cloud-based hosting is several magnitudes more in cost than centralized hosting." What's your source for this? I'm interested to learn more, and I'd find it helpful if you could point me to a resource that more fully explains this. Thanks! -- PM

The radio industry keeps

The radio industry keeps getting bigger and bigger and it would appear that the powers that be are keeping up with all the technology changes that keep hitting all of us no matte what industry we are in.


Your explanation of your 'cloud-based ad-insertion and trafficking platform' seems to be factually incorrect and misleading. How can cloud-based hosting/streaming reduce costs, when everyone knows that 'real' Geo-distributed cloud-based hosting is several magnitudes more in cost than centralized hosting?

Can you please expound on how you can make the claim of 'cloud-based' streaming, yet in the same paragraph state that you are reducing costs?

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