99-cent iPhone app makes your pristine digital music files sound like AM radio

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Feb 13 2012 - 11:00am

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The new Retro-Fi app adds static and tons of compression to whatever you're listening to on your Apple device, to recreate the effects of listening to music on AM radio.

Radio Survivor blogger Paul Riismandel writes, "Maybe Retro-Fi fits into the Instagram/Hipstamatic trend in iPhone photography, where these apps add effects to make your photos look like they came from forty year-old Kodak Instamatic camera... I do understand why an artist or record producer may want to add a AM radio effect to elements of a song, (but) I’m having a hard time seeing why anyone would want to use this app for more than a few minutes."

We'll wait and see if AM radio broadcasters ask the FCC to make this app mandatory on all mobile devices.

Read RadioSurvivor here, and download the app here. H/T on finding this story to Radio World here.


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