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iHeartRadio builds app for new Logitech UE Smart Radio device

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - 12:20pm

Clear Channel has announced its iHeartRadio Internet radio platform is now available on the Logitech UE Smart Radio device.

The UE Smart Radio is Logitech's replacement for the well-knows Squeezebox line. Like the Squeezebox, users can stream content from online radio stations, music services, and their music libraries over their home computer network.

IHeartRadio features streams from more than 1,500 broadcast radio stations, plus the user-generated "custom stations" (a la Pandora).

We have prior coverage of the UE Smart Radio here

CNet: Logitech latest tabletop Wi-Fi radio a great pick, unless you own a smartphone

Tuesday, September 25, 2012 - 1:20pm

Logitech UE Smart RadioBack in August, Logitech released a new line of Internet radio-friendly audio devices, from Bluetooth boomboxes to the UE Smart Radio: a tabletop Wi-Fi radio that succeeds the earlier Squeezebox Radio (more RAIN coverage here).

The UE Smart Radio is definitely a step up over the Squeezebox Radio, says CNet in a new review of the device. "But that doesn't necessarily mean it's the right compact music system for your home." Sure, the UE Smart Radio offers Spotify, Pandora, MOG, Slacker, TuneIn, Last.fm and more. And its "great sound," compact size and rechargeable battery "make it an attractive compact music system, but you may be better off with a Bluetooth speaker."

CNet explains that with the UE Smart Radio, you're "reliant on Logitech to add support for new streaming-music services, rather than simply using the app already on your phone." Plus most Bluetooth speakers are cheaper than the UE Smart Radio's $180 price tag.

That said, if your life doesn't revolve around a smartphone, "it's a well-designed product and a decent value." Find CNet's full review here.

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