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TuneIn adds NPR programming

Friday, July 13, 2012 - 12:00pm

Tuning service and stream aggregator TuneIn has added NPR programming to the fold. All NPR live and on-demand programming, plus that of NPR member stations who want to join, will now be available via TuneIn's website and mobile apps (as well as on devices and car dashboard systems that use TuneIn's technology).

TuneIn users can stream NPR programming live, and access past episodes of all NPR programs (e.g. "Fresh Air," "All Songs Considered," "Talk of the Nation," "Planet Money," "TED Radio Hour" and "Car Talk") on-demand in TuneIn's podcast section. NPR and joining member stations are now also able to access what TuneIn calls the "TuneIn Amplifier," its set of analytics and ad-management tools. 

TuneIn says 30 million people use its service monthly. TuneIn's press release is here.

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