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Triton Digital's new Webcast Metrics Local promises local market ratings for webcasters

Monday, December 19, 2011 - 11:00am

Triton DigitalTriton Digital today announced Webcast Metrics Local, a new service that "will enable publishers to highlight their audience metrics within individual markets and combinations of markets as well as segment the audience across demographic attributes within geographies," the company stated.

Triton Digital COO Mike Agovino notes that the new service "features key targeting variables including geography, user agent and device type, expanding the opportunity for publishers and marketers alike."

However, unlike Triton Digital's Webcast Metrics rankers -- which are released to the public each month -- the local data will be "the exclusive property of the subscribing publisher," according to Triton. 

"For online audio to attract the level of advertising investment it deserves, our customers will need to provide enhanced metrics, greater transparency and the kind of targeting capabilities that digital advertisers expect -- particularly on a local level," said Agovino. 

Triton Digital currently offers subscribers access to geographic and demographic information through its Webcast Metrics product.

You can find Triton Digital's press release here.

Inside Radio: Arbitron's coming service could help pureplay webcasters claim more ad dollars, broadcasters worry

Friday, December 2, 2011 - 12:25pm

Ad revenuesSome broadcasters are worried Arbitron's coming Total Audience Measurement service will help Internet radio pureplay services "siphon off radio ad dollars," Inside Radio reports. That service will measure both over-the-air and Internet radio listening, providing an "apples-to-apples comparison" for advertisers.

"Many buyers today complain that it’s difficult to buy online audio ads," writes Inside Radio, "because the metrics are much different than what’s used by radio stations for on-air spot sales." Arbitron's new service aims to remedy that problem by creating one metric for online and AM/FM listening (RAIN coverage here and here). 

But that reportedly makes some broadcasters anxious that advertisers will spend more money on pureplay webcasters and less on broadcast radio. Slacker has already confirmed that they've had discussions with Arbitron (more here).

Because Arbitron's new service relies on participation from broadcasters, their fears could apparently delay the ratings platform's launch. The company previously said they hoped to roll-out the new ratings platform next year, but now Inside Radio writes that Arbitron "isn’t able to say whether its web ratings will go live in 2012."

ArbitronCOO Sean Creamer tells Inside Radio that the Total Audience Measurement service "will be ready when our customers are ready to embrace it."

Currently, the sole ratings service for the U.S. Internet radio industry is Triton Digital Media’s Webcast Metrics (formerly known as Ando Media).

You can find more coverage from Inside Radio by subscribing to their daily newsletters here.

Pandora up 8% from September, Slacker benefits from the addition of AOL Radio stations

Tuesday, November 29, 2011 - 12:10pm

Webcaster growth from September 2009 to October 2011Pandora extended its wide lead over the rest of the industry in Triton Digital's new Webcast Metrics for October 2011.

Clear Channel and Slacker also saw strong growth, but both were dwarfed by Pandora's increase of nearly 60,000 AAS (Average Active Sessions, which is essentially equivalent to AQH — i.e., average simultaneous listeners) from September.

(The chart above shows the growth of Pandora, CBS, Clear Channel, the top 5 terrestrial radio groups and Slacker from September 2009 to October 2011. Note that Pandora's AAS numbers from December 2010 through mid-August 2011 were affected by the omission of tracking code in some of its mobile apps. Click to view in full size.)

Pandora's audience grew 8% month-to-month in the Domestic Mon-Sun 6a-12m daypart ranker. Its AAS, though listed at 812,337 in the October charts, is likely much higher (see our RAIN Analysis below).

Meanwhile, Clear Channel's AAS grew over 15,000 from September, a 17% increase. October was the first full month that the broadcaster's new customizable iHeartRadio service was available (RAIN coverage here). 

That growth, coupled with CBS Radio's AAS decline (explained below), pushed Clear Channel into CBS Radio's long-held #2 spot in Triton's Domestic 6a-12m daypart ranker. Clear Channel also appeared in Triton's All Streams 6a-12m daypart ranker for the first time, again bumping CBS Radio down a peg to grab the #1 spot. 

CBS Radio fell to #3 in the Domestic ranker after an AAS decline of over 11,000 from September (-12%). In October, AOL Radio, whose more than 350 Internet-only music channels were part of the CBS Radio online family, moved its programming to Slacker. AOL Radio also, at that time, cut its ad-load in half and introduced new personalization features (RAIN coverage here).

Slacker, in turn, saw a monthly AAS growth of over 6,000 (21%). Slacker may also have benefited from its Facebook partnership (RAIN coverage here).
More movement in Triton's Webcast Metrics came from the merger of Cumulus and Citadel into one entry: the Cumulus Streaming Network, ranked at #4 in the Domestic 6a-12m daypart ranker with an AAS of 45,489 (down about 7% from the broadcasters' combined AAS in September). Most other broadcast groups were flat to slightly down for the month.
You can find the Domestic and All Streams Mon-Sun 6a-12m rankings below. Find out more from Triton Digital’s Webcast Metrics report here (PDF) and find our coverage of September 2011’s ratings here.

RAIN AnalysisRAIN Analysis: Pandora's AAS is listed at 812,337 in Triton Digital's Domestic Mon-Sun 6a-12m daypart ranker, but it is probably much higher -- perhaps nearly 1.2 million. Triton does not measure Pandora One subscriber listening, nor listening on certain consumer electronic devices according to Pandora's Deborah Roth.

Last week RAIN's Kurt Hanson calculated that Pandora's AAS was around 1.1 million in September, based on the webcaster's reported 2.1 billion hours of listening in its fiscal third quarter (Aug.-Oct. 2011). You can find Hanson's math and analysis here.

Assuming around 7% monthly growth, that would imply Pandora's AAS of 1.1 million in September would increase to just under 1.2 million in October. -- MS, KH

Triton Digital's Domestic ranking for October 2011













Triton Digital's All Streams ranking for October 2011






















Triton Digital: Music stations absent from AM/FM streams' September Top 10

Monday, November 28, 2011 - 11:15am

Triton Digital's Top 10 AM/FM station streams for September 2011According to Triton Digital, news/talk and sports AM/FM stations dominated other formats of online radio simulcasts in September. "Not a single [broadcast] music station was among the top ten most popular individual station streams in September [Domestic streams, Mon-Fri, 6am-8pm], according to Triton Digital data," writes Inside Radio.

The top ten list (at right) includes stations like New York's "The Fan" WFAN, WEEI in Boston and Chicago's WBEZ. Why no music stations in the list? Inside Radio says that broadcasters are pointing to competition from webcasters that let users customize the music they hear.

Spoken word stations, however, offer unique content and a "high level of engagement," said Entercom VP Tim Murphy. “People are starting to realize that this is about the brand, not internet radio,” he said. “Strong brands with great content are consumed voraciously by their fans in any way they can get it.”

The popularity of the news/talk format online has attracted advertisers, writes Inside Radio. For example, Cox Media Group's WSB "gets one of every three ad dollars spent on digital radio in Atlanta, according to Miller Kaplan data. That’s considerably higher than its share of on-air spot revenue...about 25% of WSB's digital revenue comes from in-stream audio ads."

You can read more by subscribing to the Inside Radio newsletter here.

Triton Digital announces 20 new global clients

Monday, October 31, 2011 - 11:00am

Triton DigitalTriton Digital has announced the addition of 20 new clients located around the world. The new additions include PRISA Radio (Spain) -- the #4-ranked webcaster in Triton Digital's September Webcast Metrics All Streams Ranker -- CBC Radio, Mexico's MVS and the United Arab Emirates' Dubai Media Inc.

You can find the full list of new clients in Triton Digital's press release here. Triton Digital serves more than 7,000 media properties.

Clear Channel up 10% during promotion of iHeartRadio relaunch

Wednesday, October 26, 2011 - 11:35am

Webcast Metrics from September 2009 to September 2011Triton Digital has released its Webcast Metrics for September 2011 -- the month that saw Clear Channel relaunch iHeartRadio with Pandora-like features. A beta of the new service was released in early September (more here) and a star-studded concert promoting iHeartRadio took place in Las Vegas on September 28.

Did the new product and heavy promotion boost Clear Channel's audience? The broadcaster's September AAS (Average Active Sessions, which is essentially equivalent to AQH — i.e., average simultaneous listeners) grew 10% over August in the Domestic Mon-Sun 6a-12m daypart.

That said, Clear Channel's September AAS is less than 1% higher than its previous peak, which came in December 2010. Plus, the month-to-month increase is actually lower than the 14% growth Clear Channel achieved from July to August 2011.

In other words, while the new iHeartRadio most likely contributed to Clear Channel's growth, other factors -- like the post-summer, pre-holiday growth seen by most webcasters -- may have been involved as well. Since the official launch of the new iHeartRadio took place in late September, we may not see its influence until the October Webcast Metrics are released.

Most other webcasters saw growth over August. The strongest came from EMF Corporate, with an AAS increase of 30% (3,874) to reach 16,662.

Pandora grew 11% (76,015) from August and is up 85% from September 2010. (By comparison, Clear Channel grew its AAS by 8,294. In fact, Pandora's AAS growth alone from August to September represents over 83% of Clear Channel's total AAS.)

Pandora's AAS (752,816) is over eight times that of #2-ranked CBS Radio, which saw a 4% decrease from August and is within 3% of losing its place to #3-ranked Clear Channel.

The strongest year-over-year growth came from Slacker (109%, though their mobile audience was not tracked in September 2010), Pandora (85%) and AccuRadio (40%).

The combined AAS of the Top 20 webcasters increased over 8% from August and over 48% from September 2010.

You can find the Domestic and All Streams Mon-Sun 6a-12m rankings below. Find out more from Triton Digital’s Webcast Metrics report here (PDF) and find our coverage of August 2011’s ratings here.

Triton Digital's Domestic Webcast Metrics for 9/11

Triton Digital's All Streams Webcast Metrics for 9/11

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