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Xaxis Radio "programmatic buying" for Net radio built on Triton Digital's new a2X tech

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 12:50pm

A firm named Xaxis, partnered with Triton Digital, is launching Xaxis Radio, calling it Internet radio's "first programmatic audience buying product." (Programmatic audience buying allows marketers to buy ad inventory -- in this case, for Internet radio -- via real-time-bidding.)

Xaxis Radio, along with the company's Data Management Platform (DMP), integrates online and mobile radio within overall digital media campaigns.

Triton Digital last week (in RAIN here) announced the launch of its a2x, the Net radio-focused programmatic ad buying technology. Xaxis Radio not only uses the a2x technology, but Xaxis customers will get access to Triton's global impressions inventory.

Read the press release here and more in AdWeek here.

Triton Digital launches "a2x" for real-time bidding on targeted online audio ads

Thursday, January 17, 2013 - 12:45pm

Triton Digital has announced the launch of a2x, what it calls "the industry’s first audience-based programmatic buying solution for online and mobile streaming audio ads."

The product is an audio ad exchange allowing ad buyers to purchase targeted online and mobile audio inventory in real-time. It includes a system to manage, buy, and sell third-party campaigns, and facilitates digital ad trades between third parties.

"The automated, exchange-driven method of buying and selling ad impressions facilitates increased efficiency, eliminating waste and resulting in the highest price for publishers and the greatest efficiency for advertisers, Triton Digital says.

Triton Digital realigns, expands duties for three execs

Monday, January 7, 2013 - 11:15am

Pointing to a "streaming audio market projected to reach $2 billion by 2015," Triton Digital announced last week its plans to realign its organization -- to "simplify and centralize all publisher and advertiser-related initiatives."

In the new structure, "all agency and advertiser-facing activity will be managed at the enterprise level under the leadership of President of Market Development, John Rosso," according to the company announcement. "All publisher-facing activity will be managed centrally by President of Publisher Development, Dominick Milano. In addition, Patrick Reynolds expands his strategic role as Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer."

Triton Digital provides digital services to traditional and online radio, like its in-stream advertising services Streaming Console and Station Console, and audience measurement service Webcast Metrics.

Most b'dcastrs slip in Nov. Webcast Metrics, non-comms up, and a new pureplay hits Top 20

Thursday, January 3, 2013 - 11:55am

In October, it was broadcasters who saw their streamimg audience grow while most pureplay webcasters were flat. In the November 2012 Triton Digital Webcast Metrics Internet radio ratings released yesterday, most commercial broadcasters saw online listening slip, while pureplays showed a hint of growth. You can see our coverage of October Webcast Metrics ratings here.

The average online audiences of the top streaming broadcasters (Clear Channel, Cumulus, CBS, and Cox) all dipped month-to-month -- as much as 13% for Cumulus. Other commercial broadcasters like ESPN Radio, Entercom, Greater Media, Univision, Townsquare, Salem, and Hubbard also saw listening slip.

The lack of election news for most of the month, plus the Thanksgiving and Veterans Day holidays, likely contributed to smaller average audiences for November (traditionally a tough month).

Yet, non-comms EMF and WNYC, while still smaller players in the Top 20, continued their recent growth trends in November, adding 19% and 20% to their October Average Active Sessions (AAS). The NPR Member Stations group is now ranked #7, with a 23% higher AAS than October -- though it's likely the group is still adding stations to the measurement panel.

Pandora, far and away the largest webcaster, was up just 3% over October, but continued to pad its 2012 growth to 39% (its average audience now tops 1.4 million; it was just over a million in January).

Also contributing to pureplay webcasters' overall growth was the appearance of a new webcaster in the Top 20, Idobi Radio Corp. Idobi is a modern rock webcaster based in Washington, D.C. See Triton's full Webcast Metrics ratings report for November 2012 here.

Triton Digital to handle ads, analytics for Xbox Music

Monday, December 3, 2012 - 12:35pm

Microsoft will work with Triton Digital for audio ad sales, ad-insertion, and listening analytics on the new Xbox Music platform.

Xbox Music is Microsoft's parlay in the world of streaming music (in RAIN here) for Windows 8 and Windows RT devices.

Triton reportedly has the "exlusive" on this for now. Triton Digital also works with Pandora, Slacker, Clear Channel, and CBS Radio, among other media streamers (like AccuRadio). The audio ads will run on the free version of Xbox Music (there is also a paid download service). Read more in TechCrunch here.

Most major webcasters flat in September online ratings

Monday, October 29, 2012 - 1:20pm

Triton Digital's September Internet Audio Top 20 ratings reflect some pretty significant growth for the aggregation of NPR Member Stations. The group has taken the #10 spot for Average Active Sessions (AAS) 6a-12M Monday-Sunday in the September Domestic Ranker (see chart below). The 12,236 AAS for NPR Member Stations is 58% higher than its August number. (While Triton's press release gives no indication, we'd guess it likely that at least some of this growth reflects the addition of more stations to this group.)

Religious/conservative broadcaster Salem Communications, #14 for the same ranker, saw its AAS rise 24% since last month.

The largest webcasters saw little to now growth month-to-month. Pandora's AAS was up 3%; CBS's continued to slide, down 11% since August (CBS online listening in this particular ranker is down 54% in the past 12 months. Compare that to Clear Channel, which is up 94% over the same time period).

Finally, something seems to have changed for Digitally Imported some time in August. Traditionally leader among Internet-only webcasters, DI dropped 57% in this ranker in the past month alone. It's likely a change like this reflects a measurement error of some sort. [UPDATE: Digitally Imported has indeed informed us that not all of its streams were counted in these most recent ratings periods. -- PM]

See all of Triton Digital's Internet Audio Top 20 Rankers here.

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