Triton's Reynolds proposes radio panel for SXSW tech conference

Tuesday, August 27, 2013 - 12:55pm

Triton Digital head of strategy Patrick Reynolds wants the growing field of digitally-delivered radio represented at the upcoming SXSW conference. His idea: a panel to discuss radio and the coming "Internet of Things." 

He's submitted a proposal for a panel at the event called "Smart Watches, Consoles and Fridges – Oh My!" SXSW panels are determined by popular vote.

The panel description reads: "As it becomes simpler for everyday devices to stream audio, this session will take a look at how music will follow us throughout our lives on devices we never would’ve mistaken for a radio in the past. In this next generation of music listening, everything from the types of services we use, content ownership, music curation and monetization are primed for disruption."

You can see more about it, and vote for it, at the SXSW Panel Picker site here. (h/t to Mark Ramsey, more from him today here)

Pandora opens local sales office in Boston, but broadcasters say it's not competition

Tuesday, July 9, 2013 - 12:20pm

Pandora has just opened a local ad sales office in Boston, its 29th after other markets like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Boston's local advertising market is valued at about $15 billion.

But as the leading webcaster looks to tap in to local radio advertising budgets there, some broadcasters maintain that since Pandora isn't "radio," it's not competition to them.

"Pandora doesn’t compete directly with broadcast radio nationally or locally because it’s not radio in the real sense of the word," Clear Channel national sales president Tim Castelli told The Boston Globe.

According to Triton Digital's Webcast Metrics, Pandora's audience places it in, or near, the top 10 in radio in major U.S. markets.

Read more in The Boston Globe here.

Triton Digital joins NARM and industry groups

Monday, May 13, 2013 - 10:55am

Triton Digital has joined industry group NARM and its digital initiative to "further progress the digital audio industry."

NARM is the National Association of Recording Merchandisers.

"At NARM, our goal is to advance the promotion of music by providing our members with insights and education to support their business models," said Jim Donio, President of NARM.

Mike Agovino, Chief Operating Officer of Triton Digital, said, "We are in exceptional company and look forward to working as one to shape and transform the digital music industry through innovative technology and meaningful connections."

Triton Digital is a digital service provider for traditional and online radio. The company is a sponsor of our upcoming RAIN Summit Europe event, May 23 at Hotel Bloom in Brussels. CCO and general manager of data and measurement Rob Favre and SVP and general manager of international markets Jay Supovitz will participate in panel discussions. Info and registration links are on the RAIN Summit Europe page.

Here's what else is happening in Internet radio

Thursday, April 11, 2013 - 6:00am

We've been doing a lot of RAIN Summit West review lately (here and here, with more to come!), so we wanted to take a minute and pass along some other news that's out there. Some is from the NAB Show, some unrelated, but we hope you find it useful and interesting.

NAB's Smith urges embrace of "hybrid radio": NAB CEO Gordon Smith (right), in his "State of the Industry" address at the NAB Show Monday, urged broadcasters to find ways of providing content across platforms.

He described "radios in smartphones" as a "hybrid-radio" system combining on-air content with interactive enhancements. He also acknowledged broadcast radio's upcoming battle to maintain its dominance in the car dashboard. Billboard's coverage gave no indication of any mention of Internet radio or streaming. Read more in here.

Aha Radio inks CBS News deal, launches Publisher Portal: Aha Radio by Harman announced Monday its partnership with CBS Radio News, bringing audio of the broadcaster's top news programs to Aha Radio listeners. Aha also launched its "Publisher Portal" by which anyone (following an approval process) can make content available on the Aha Radio system. There's more in here.

TargetSpot to deliver in-stream ads for Microsoft's Xbox Music Service: Online audio ad network TargetSpot announced it will deliver in-stream audio ads for the free version of the Xbox Music service (pictured) on the gaming console and Windows devices.

Former Triton exec Freund lands at Clip Interactive: Former EVP/Triton Media Group Bill Freund joins technology company Clip Interactive as VP/Chief Revenue Officer in preparation for a 2014 national rollout of the service which will allow mobile listeners to interact with broadcast radio content.

Global shipments of PCs fell 14% in first quarter: ZDNet calls that the worst drop in a generation, the steepest decline since 1994. The IDC (International Data Corporation) points to a number of factors -- like mobile, but also "a weak reception for Windows 8." Read more in ZDNet here.

Jelli says data shows increased social engagement helps ratings: Jelli has released data it says reveals a direct correlation between increased "social engagement" by broadcasters with listeners and increased listening (as reflected by ratings). The company measured weekly active registered users who were using its online or mobile app to vote to choose the music played during live broadcasts. It found as weekly social engagement rose 127%, weekly cume went up 30%.

Jelli says its data also shows these socially-engaged listeners engage with advertising more.

Net radio streaming service SurferNETWORK awarded patent: SurferNETWORK, a streaming vendor, was awarded its fifth "Buffering Patent" for technology that enables content streams "to start immediately," instead of waiting for playback while a cache of data loads.

Triton Digital's Rosso intros new a2x "programmatic buying" platform for audio at Summit

Wednesday, April 10, 2013 - 1:40pm

RAIN Summit West organizers invited two of the industry's thought leaders to address attendees about where they see Internet radio going. Triton Digital Market Development president John Rosso went first on Sunday morning, and used his slot to familiarize the crowd with the concept behind his company's new a2x platform: programmatic audience buying for audio.

The problem Triton Digital's new solution addresses is: 12% of radio consumption now takes place online, but the segment gets just 3% of the ad revenue. Online radio needs to make a better case to digital marketers, who demand higher scale for most services, and digital "capabilities" like ad targeting (by listener, not content), better accountability, and third-party tracking.

The display, video, mobile, and social ad markets have already addressed this with programmatic audience buying: automated, rules-based inventory sales with real-time bidding. CPMs are rising and this year, he said, marketers will spend more than $4 billion in programmatic ad markets. Now, Rosso says, it's a solution for audio.

His company recently created a2x, a programmatic buying trading platform for audio. The new platform addresses the biggest deficits digital marketers see with current online audio campaigns. But it also benefits services with real branding campaigns (not remnant), price controls, and easily co-exists with direct sales efforts.

Look for more RAIN Summit West recaps in RAIN in the coming days.

STRATA, Mediaocean media buying platforms integrate Pandora

Tuesday, March 5, 2013 - 1:10pm

Leading webcaster Pandora announced today its audience data will now be available in STRATA and Mediaocean's Donovan and Mediabank stewardship systems, the three most popular media buying platforms.

This will enable radio ad buyers to compare Pandora national and local audience data directly to U.S. radio broadcasters' numbers. STRATA and Mediaocean will both import use Triton Digital's "Webcast Metrics Local" data as the data source.

STRATA's integration was released in January 2013, and all STRATA agencies now have access to Pandora audience data. Mediaocean is currently in beta release, integrating Pandora data to Mediabank systems in mid-March, and to Donovan systems by the end of April.

There's more in AdWeek here.

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