45% of TechSurvey 9 respondents listen to online radio weekly

Monday, May 6, 2013 - 1:00pm

Jacobs Media released the results of this year's TechSurvey 9 today -- their study of the habits and adoption of technology by radio listeners. Jacobs, for what it calls the "largest technology survey ever conducted for radio," examined how "Baby Boomers" plus "Gen's X, Y, and Z" across twelve radio formats use Internet streaming, social media, mobile technology, and more.

The TechSurvey 9 "Media Usage Pyramid 2013" (below) shows that 45% of Jacobs' respondents are now weekly Internet radio listeners. Interestingly, this is the same percentage Arbitron and Edison Research (in their Infinite Dial 2013 study) found as monthly Net radio users. Their weekly reach was just 33%. Keep in mind that The Infinite Dial examined a wider base of study subjects. See more in RAIN here.

Fully 20% of those studied are weekly Pandora listeners -- but Jacobs points out nearly a third of Pandora listeners are getting annoyed by commercials (that number was 20% last year).

This year, 11% of TechSurvey respondents own a "digital dash" system like Ford Sync in their cars. More than half of those surveyed can connect iPods or smartphones to their car's dash (62% of Gen Y).

In the press release, Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs says his "takeaway" is "radio’s ability to uniquely connect with consumers on their preferred platforms is the secret sauce for future success in the digital space." Likely a thought Jacobs will explain in more detail during the six webinars the team will present on the study (each focusing on a different radio format group). Details and registration are here. See more graphs from the study, including a larger version of the "Media Usage Pyramid," here.

Jacobs Media now signing up broadcasters for 2013 tech survey

Friday, October 19, 2012 - 1:55pm

Jacobs Media is signing up broadcasters for its January 2013 "Techsurvey 9" study, to examine how radio listeners adopt and use new technologies.

For the previous Techsurvey 8 study, Jacobs Media went beyond the rock radio world and studied listeners of 12 different radio formats. This year they hope to add Urban and Hispanic radio formats.

"This year, we have more burning questions to answer -– multi-tasking with radio, the use of multiple screens, a deeper dive on apps and Facebook, and our Pandora tracking. We will also be looking at how market size and geography impacts media and technology usage -– or does it?," explains Jacobs.

More info on participating in the study is here.

Jacobs Media hosts Techsurvey8 Rock formats webinar today

Thursday, May 31, 2012 - 12:10pm

Jacobs Media today will host the second in its series of radio format-focused webinars featuring findings from its recent Techsurvey8 study.

Today at 1pm CT (2pm ET), Jacobs will provide data on the digital and social media habits of Rock/Classic Rock/Alternative/AAA listeners. Since prior Techsurveys focused solely on rock radio, today's presentation will include trending from past surveys.

Jacobs kicked off the weekly series last week with the Country radio webinar. Formats still to come include Sports, AC/CHR/Hot AC, Christian, Variety Hits, and News/Talk. Participation in each webinar is free to participating stations that purchased local data from Techsurvey 8. Otherwise, it costs $99. Register here.

The Conclave to host webinar tomorrow on Jacobs Media's Techsurvey 8

Tuesday, May 22, 2012 - 11:00am

Fred JacobsTomorrow, The Conclave will host a free webinar about Jacobs Media's new Techsurvey 8. The webinar will feature Jacobs Media president Fred Jacobs (pictured). It starts at 2PM Central on Wednesday, May 23.

Jacobs Media's Techsurvey 8 was the first to include radio listeners of 12 different radio formats (not just rock radio listeners). It found that nearly 4 in 10 "core radio listeners" stream Internet radio weekly, and that nearly half of respondents said they can connect a smartphone or mp3 player to their car stereo. Find more coverage from RAIN here.

Pre-registration for the webinar is required. Find out more from The Conclave here.

Jacobs Media Techsurvey8 finds Pandora a favorite while smartphone, tablet ownership growing

Monday, April 30, 2012 - 11:40am

Jacobs Media's Techsurvey8Nearly 4 in 10 of "core radio listeners" stream Internet radio weekly, according to Jacobs Media's new Techsurvey8. "The high-tech revolution continues," notes the company, pointing out that nearly half of respondents can listen to their smartphones in cars, a quarter own a tablet and more than half begin their day with media and gadgets other than radio.

Jacobs Media says 45% of "streamies" listen to Pandora to some extent, compared to 19% for iHeartRadio, 7% for Spotify, 7% for TuneIn and 5% for Slacker. (Interestingly, 49% of Pandora users said they don't consider the service "radio"... a classification that apprently hasn't stopped them from using Pandora).

Additionally, nearly half of respondents said they can connect a smartphone or mp3 player to their car stereo. And 9% already own a web-friendly dashboard system like Ford's Sync. "The car is becoming a major battleground for radio," Jacobs Media writes.

They also point out that 57% of respondents start their day with media or gadgets other than radio (like TV, email, Facebook, newspapers or other websites). Indeed, 52% of respondents said they own a smartphone, 24% a tablet and 79% are on Facebook.

Among so much competition, why does AM/FM remain important in consumers' lives? According to respondents: "Favorite songs," local personalities, easy access to a radio at work, radio's mood-lifting abilities, a feeling of companionship and an "escape" from everyday life.

"The data from Techsurvey8 strongly suggest that focusing on connecting emotionally and meaningfully with listeners is radio's best avenue toward remaining relevant and vibrant in the face of new digital competition," said Jacobs Media president Fred Jacobs.

This is the 8th edition of Jacobs' annual tech study, but the first survey to include radio listeners of 12 different radio formats. In the past, Techsurveys were focused on rock radio listeners.

The results were presented at the recent Worldwide Radio Summit, where Fred Jacobs was named "Consultant of the Year" (more info here).

You can find more on Techsurvey8 from Jacobs Media here and the company's full infographic here.

Jacobs Media opens annual tech and new media survey to all radio formats

Monday, November 28, 2011 - 11:15am

In late January, Jacobs Media will field their annual Techsurvey (this'll be the eighth), this year opening it up to stations of all formats.

Each year since 2005, Jacobs Media conducts a national web poll about media and technology that uses rock radio station databases, with the goal of giving stations (and the industry) a detailed hierarchy of the forms of new media and technology listeners use. For this first time in 2011, Jacobs is offering participation to stations across the U.S. from all formats.Jacobs Media Techsurvey 8

The survey will assess listeners' use of new media (e.g. YouTube, Hulu, Facebook, and Twitter), gadgets like smartphones and tablets, and station-related online activities like streaming, podcasts, and connecting on Facebook. Jacobs will also examine how listeners engage with services like Pandora and Groupon.

The results of this year’s survey will be presented at the WorldWide Radio Summit in Los Angeles, April 27-28. Jacobs Media is now accepting registrations from stations interested in participating here.

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