Industry trade TALKERS to launch 24/7 online radio channel, produced by Backbone Networks

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 - 12:10pm

Streaming technology provider Backbone Networks is behind the soon-to-launch TalkersRadio stream, which will be hosted by talk radio industry news source TALKERS magazine.

The 24-hour online radio station will be a "laboratory" / "farm system" / "showcase" for new concepts, talent, and shows for talk radio. In addition, the stream will carry TALKERS magazine live events like conferences, and a regular rotation of programming to give it "the feel and consistency" of a real radio station, according to TALKERS publisher Michael Harrison.

The stream will also serve as a showcase for Backbone Networks itself, for its technology "that makes it extremely convenient and affordable for talk show hosts to do a fully produced program – with live callers and guests – from an amazingly simple technical remote and portable set up," according to the press release. The live (and archived) audio from RAIN Summit West in Las Vegas in April was produced by Backbone (and streamed on TuneIn). 

Read more on TalkersRadio here.

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