New to U.S. in full-feature form, Radical.fm will be commercial-free/listener-supported

Tuesday, August 20, 2013 - 2:15pm

Webcaster Radical.fm has released an iOS (that's for iPhones and iPads) app as the first step of the official rollout of its service to U.S. listeners. Radical says an Android app and desktop player are coming soon.

Based in Sweden, Radical last year launched an open beta version of its service (see RAIN coverage here and here), billed as a combination of on-demand streaming and human-curated online radio. Then, as now, the service is ad-free and completely voluntarily listener-supported (other listener-supported webcasters include Soma.fm and Radio Paradise).

Radical's founder, Thomas McAlevey, is an American with a background in radio. He founded the Swedish FM station Bandit 105.5, and launched a pioneering webcast service in 2000 called Tomsradio.

Hypebot tested the new app, and reports on some of its key features ("Custom Genre" channels; sliders to "tune" Personal Stations; song/artist banning), and offers some observations about the usability. Check it out here.

You can try the new Radical.fm app yourself here.

Music streaming services like Spotify generated 90% of Sweden's 2012 digital music revenue

Friday, January 18, 2013 - 12:25pm

Sweden "and its Nordic neighbors have long been seen as early adopters and innovators when it comes to tech trends," writes The Wall Street Journal today.

Today's specific tech trend: Music sales in Sweden are showing double digit growth, powered almost entirely by on-demand, subscription-based streaming services.

The Swedish Recording Industry Association says music sales were up 14% in that country last year. "Digital" music sales (that is, not CDs, vinyl, and cassettes) accounted for 60% of all Swedish music sales in 2012. And 90% of the digital music sales came from streaming.

Spotify, the world's largest streaming service, was founded by Swedes Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon in 2006 and first launched in Sweden in 2008.

Read more in The Wall Street Journal Tech Europe blog here and in RawStory.com here.

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