Lots of mobile and social media content in upcoming Jacobs Media Summer School

Monday, July 16, 2012 - 12:05pm

It looks as though at least half of the sessions at Jacobs Media's annual Summer School event will focus on social media and mobile marketing. The event is part of the 37th annual Conclave Learning Conference this month in Minneapolis.  

Jacobs' digital/social guru Lori Lewis will speak twice, first on winning Facebook strategies, then focusing on learning from social media practices of the U.S. Armed Forces. JacAPPS CEO Paul Jacobs will present findings concerning mobile from the Techsurvey8 studym, while Jacobs Media president Fred Jacobs will also look at the study's results and share strategies for broadcasters "to differentiate themselves from new digital competitors like Pandora." Guest lecturers Michael Brandvold, and Chris Iles from the Minnesota Twins, also will discuss the smart use of Twitter and other social tools.

"The goal of our curriculum' is to give Conclave attendees great learning tools in short, concise sessions that they can implement the moment they get home," explains Fred Jacobs.

Summer School 3 will kick off The Conclave Wednesday, July 18th at 9am in the MusicMaster Ballroom of the Doubletree Park Place Hotel. Read more about the Jacobs Summer School, and register for The Conclave, here.

Our own RAIN Summit Midwest -- with keynoter Steve Dahl; presentations from knowDigital's Sam Milkman, Geller Media International's Valerie Geller, and dmr Interactive's Ed Schindler; panels focusing on multi-platform strategies, Facebook, pureplay/terrestrial competition, and streaming strategies; and RAIN publisher Kurt Hanson's "State of the Industry" address -- closes The Conclave Friday, July 20th at 10am.

Pandora tapping social user data to improve music recommendations, says Kennedy

Friday, June 8, 2012 - 11:45am

Joe Kennedy"Social-discovery" tools are changing how Pandora recommends new music to users, the company's CEO Joe Kennedy explained during San Francisco's Glimpse: The Social Discovery Conference.

Pandora is utilizing data from users to better its customizable playlists. So, for example, "older Counting Crows fans in San Francisco will receive a playlist of the band's earlier songs, while a younger fan in New York will see more recent tunes," writes the San Francisco Chronicle.

"We're all now looking, as the Internet moves forward, for how do we use the Internet for experiences that are more about serendipity and discovery as opposed to 'I know what I want, how do I go find it,'" said Kennedy.

You can find more coverage from the Chronicle here.

Radio online software provider Social Radio unveils new player design and interactive demo

Tuesday, June 5, 2012 - 11:35am

Social Radio, which designs software for radio designed to improve online engagement, has unveiled a new player design and interactive software demo.

Steve Allaway, Social Radio CEO, said, "The Social Radio platform is the first of its kind to blend what listeners truly love about radio, the great content and local personalities that connect with them, with the kind of choice, control and personalization that is native to online and mobile media consumers."

Social Radio offers broadcasters "SoundExchange compliant" streaming with features like "Personalized Local Radio, Listener Choice and Control, Song Skipping, Song Rating, Sharing Radio to Facebook, Advertising Accountability, Targeted Advertising for Radio, Multiple Channels for Online Radio Stations, Social Radio Listener Experience, Social Radio Advertiser Experience, and more."

The new demo is available here. Read Social Radio's entire press release here

Anstandig: Social an asset for growing streaming music audiences

Tuesday, May 22, 2012 - 11:00am

Daniel AnstandigListener Driven Radio CEO Daniel Anstandig writes in Radio-Info today about how social media connectivity is helping grow audiences for streaming music services.

"Since launching in the U.S., integration with Facebook has been a key part of Spotify’s strategy to expand the reach of its appeal to potential premium users." Spotify was one of the first music services to more deeply integrate with Facebook in September 2011 (RAIN coverage here).

Anstandig writes that during May 2012 so far, Spotify has gained 1.5 million users (a growth rate of 8%), which doubles last year's growth at this time. During just a two-week period in May, "Spotify reported adding 500,000 new users, leaving the music company with 20 million global monthly users utilizing its Facebook app."

Anstandig says he's seen the same social media benefit at Listener Driven Radio."For every LDR user who shares a vote from their favorite radio station, we have seen an average of four or more people come back to a station website."

It's not difficult to find other examples of social media helping music services growth. iHeartRadio -- which initially required a Facebook login for its Custom Radio service (RAIN coverage here) -- recently announced reaching a milestone of 10 million registered users (more here).

And Facebook claimed in November 2011 that Slacker, MOG and Rdio were also experiencing tremendous growth since integrating with the social networking service (RAIN coverage here).

You can find Anstandig's Radio-Info column here.

Friending Gone Berserk

Friends are good to have. Facebook is a fun way to connect with friends. "Social media" is an excellent channel for brands to communicate with their customers.

But sometimes is enough enough? On my way to work this morning in Chicago, there was a poster at the "el" stop for a local bakery, Turano, that primarily serves the food service industry. (I guess some of the restaurants I patronize purchase their bread and rolls from Turano, although since bread and rolls served in a restaurant are an unbranded product (as opposed to, say, ketchup), I would have no way to know which.)

At any rate, Turano wants me to "friend" (or "like," whichever) them on Facebook!

Of the hundreds or, more likely, thousands of products and services I consume over the course of the month (it's thousands if we're counting unknown vendors to the businesses that I knowingly patronize), does it make any sense at all that I would want to establish Facebook relationships with all of them? Or even many?

"Hey, guys, doing anything special for Earth Day?" 4 responses, with only 2 on topic, and neither of those involving Turano products. And this is from ad campaign that I assume must be costing many tens of thousands of dollars.

Well, thanks for letting me be a grumpy old curmudgeon this morning. And don't forget to "friend" me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and check out my Tumblr and Pinterest pages!

Myxer Social Radio to hit 1 million downloads this week

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 - 12:20pm

Social entertainment company Myxer says its Myxer Social Radio will surpass one million installs this week. The service launched in November of last year. 

Myxer Social Radio users log in using their Facebook credentials. From there, they can listen to pre-programmed theme "rooms," or create a music room of their own with their favorite artists. Users can invite friends to their room to listen to the same music, chat about it, and even affect the stream through voting. Users can even upload videos of themselves talking about what a song means to them, which Myxer calls "stories." named Myxer Social Radio one of the "best music apps" last year.

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