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New Facebook profile design presents "many great opportunities," say some observers

Friday, March 30, 2012 - 12:15pm

Facebook's new Timeline profile pageThe day has arrived: Facebook today will convert all brand pages to the new Timeline design. That includes your station's Facebook page. Are you ready?

We already discussed what's different about the new Timeline profile pages and why you should be prepared (find that article here). But today we've collected a few other links today to help ease the transition -- and maybe even to spark some ideas on how to make your Facebook page better than ever!

Spotify, for example, is using its Timeline page in a unique way: it tracks the past 1,000 years of music. Naturally, each milestone (from "Organum Experiments" circa 1001 A.D. to Motown Records in 1959), is paired with a link to listen to the music in Spotify. has more coverage here.

Radio consultant Scott Sands recently published a blog post explaining some of the key aspects of Facebook Timeline here. Additionally, consultant Stephanie Winans has some guidelines for designing that new, larger than life cover photo (including plenty of links to example profile pages) here.

And finally, if you're feeling wary about this whole change, tech entrepeneur Christian Taylor outlines three reasons why Facebook Timeline is good for businesses. "Not everyone is cheering over the recent switch to Facebook Timeline for businesses," he writes. "But the reality is, the new layout will present many great opportunities."

You can find Taylor's article in Mashable here.

If you've heavily-customized FB's look, or use "landing tabs" extensively, you especially need to prepare

Wednesday, March 21, 2012 - 11:45am

Facebook's new Timeline design for brand pagesFor radio stations that use Facebook heavily, March 30 is a very important day. That's when Facebook will switch over all brand pages to the new Timeline design. "This will de-emphasize the scrolling 'wall' of posts and status updates in favor of the more graphic-intensive and topically organized new layout," writes VentureBeat. All told, the change is a mixed bag.

First the good stuff: Users and brands can message back and forth using the Timeline profile, "a first for businesses," notes VentureBeat. Timeline also offers a new analytics dashboard. And brands can "pin" important posts to the top of their Timeline for a week, which should be useful for featuring current promotions or other essential information.

Timeline also boasts a "friends-focused approach to growing an audience," writes VentureBeat. "When you go to a Facebook Page now, instead of just seeing a wall of information or updates, you’ll first notice how many friends of yours already like the Page. You’ll also see highlighted activity from your friends that’s relevant to the Page, whether it’s a check-in or a story about the brand."

According to Facebook designer Sam Lessin: "Friend activity makes things better and leads to higher engagement."

The Timeline design carries some drawbacks as well, not least is just the fact that it's a change. "Brand owners have no doubt spent considerable time decorating their Facebook pages to look perfect and function exactly as they want," Slashgear writes. "By switching to Timeline, they’ll have to start from the ground up."

Plus, the new layout gets rid of "the 'landing tabs' that solicit users to the page. Now, visitors to a page will always see the timeline view by default," reports PC Mag. "The idea is that Facebook wants your Timeline page to be the thing that all visitors see when they come to your brand’s page for the first time," writes Slashgear.

Brands can switch over to the new Timeline design at any time, but all pages will be convereted starting March 30. Facebook has documentation about the new page design here.

You can find more coverage from VentureBeat here, The L.A. Times here, PC Mag here and Slashgear here.


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