Recent Pandora mobile revenue growth outpaces mobile listening growth

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 - 3:35pm

Pandora reports that not only are they better monetizing their growing mobile listening, but both its last quarter and fiscal 2013 mobile revenue grew faster than mobile listening during the same time periods.

Pandora revealed last week it grew its overall annual revenue 56% over the previous year. In a separate announcement, Pandora announced its February 2013 total listening hours, active listeners total, and share of total U.S. radio listening.

Pandora's fourth quarter total mobile revenue, $80.3 million, was up 111% year-over-year, will mobile listening grew 70% during the same period. For fiscal 2013, total mobile revenue was $255.9 million, up 105% year-to-year, and also outpacing strong mobile listening growth of 89%.

The leading web radio service says its overall fiscal 2013 revenue was $427.1 million. It also reported the year's final quarter's revenue totaled $125.1 million, 54% higher than the same quarter in fiscal year 2012.

During February, Pandora streamed 1.38 billion hours of content, a 42% jump from February of last year (it was 1.39 billion in January, a month with 3 more days). Active listeners were 67.7 million at the end of February 2013, up from 65.6 million in January, and a 37% increase over the same time period last year. Pandora says its share of total U.S. radio listening in February 2013 was 8.48%, an increase from 8.03% in January and 5.74% in February 2012.

New function allows listeners to share audio snippets from talk radio

Monday, February 18, 2013 - 12:10pm is the online radio service that allows users to record streamed audio content to listen to later (like a DVR, but with audio, thus the service's name). DAR creater Michael Robertson has now introduced a "sharing" function he says caters to the Internet's "short McNugget-size" media appetite.

While listening, users can click a Share button to select a short segment to to upload to YouTube, along with a short description, and then share the link to the snippet on social media.

"Rarely does one see links to interesting radio bits on Facebook or Twitter," Robertson wrote in his blog, introducing what he's calling "Project Friendship" (yep, as in "My Little Pony"). "For the first time it's as easy to share a radio clip as it is a web page, picture or video clip."

Try the new "Share" feature at

Pandora claims 6.13% of U.S. radio listening; 22.6% of 18+ in Media Audit markets listen monthly

Monday, August 6, 2012 - 12:45pm

Pandora says its July numbers show it now claims a 6.13% share of total U.S. radio listening. The leading webcaster streamed 1.2 billion hours of content last month to an active audience that grew to nearly 55 million by month's end.

It's an impressive comparison to July 2011's figures. Then, Pandora streamed 637 million hours (which means they're up 76% in the last year) to 37 million active listeners (so, a 48% increase), representing 3.51% of total U.S. radio listening.

Interestingly, audience survey firm The Media Audit on Friday issued a correction to its recently reported Pandora estimates (which were reported in RAIN here). They reported Pandora's current total reach as 11.3% with adults 18+. As it turns out, the company didn't ask survey respondents about Pandora in 20 of the 81 markets it studies. So, when only those 61 markets in which Pandora usage was measured are tabulated, its shows "Pandora's reach among adults within The Media Audit's 61 measured markets to be 22.6%, and represents more than 30.7 million unique monthly users within that same footprint."

Salt Lake City was Pandora's top market among those The Media Audit surveyed, showing almost 32% of its 18+ population having logged onto Pandora in the typical month. SLC tops Boston (30.7%), Atlanta (30.3%), San Diego (28.8%), and Charleston (27.9%).

Read Pandora's press release here; The Media Audit's correction here.

Pandora's share of radio listening may be even higher than what they claim

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 - 11:00am

New numbers confirm "just how big a share Pandora has amassed"

Using new data from Arbitron, industry news source Inside Radio determines that Pandora's monthly listening is approximately 5% of the total listening of over-the-air radio.
A new calculation from Arbitron found that Americans are exposed to 14.6 billion hours of radio every month. That calculation was apparently "created at the request of the company’s clients to give broadcast radio a way to show how it stacks up against Pandora," reports Inside Radio. The publication compared this number to Pandora's own Q3 report to investors to calculate the percentage.

Pandora recently told its investors it logged 2.1 billion listener hours during Q3 (up from around 1 billion the year before; more here). "That equates to an average 700 million listener hours per month or about 5% the size of over-the-air radio," writes Inside Radio. The publication points out that the figure exceeds the percentage Pandora has recently stated.

"Today we only have a bit more than 4% of all radio listening in this country," CEO Joe Kennedy told CNBC earlier this month (more here). Pandora said it represented 2.3% of all radio listening at the end of 2010 (more here).


Inside Radio writes that this confirms "just how big a share Pandora has amassed in just a few short years."

"It’s worth noting that each [Arbitron and Pandora] uses different methodologies," notes Inside Radio. "Arbitron’s figures are based on RADAR’s combined PPM and diary survey estimates (Persons 12+, Mon-Sun 6AM-Mid) while Pandora’s actual server-side numbers come from Triton Digital."

You can subscribe to receive Inside Radio daily here.

RAIN AnalysisRAIN ANALYSIS: RAIN publisher Kurt Hanson calculates -- assuming Pandora's 2.1 billion figure is accurate -- that the webcaster has the equivalent of a 4.8 share of all U.S. radio listening.

That's higher than any number Pandora has ever quoted (though it would be slightly less if Pandora were included in Arbitron's calculation, and it's likely SiriusXM was not included either). -- MS

Mobile update: 60% of new phones sold are smartphones, in-app purchases racking up revenue

Wednesday, September 28, 2011 - 8:00am

Apple's iPhone and Android dominate the smartphone marketNearly 60% of all new cellphones sold are smartphones, according to Nielsen, and nearly half of all cellphone users own a smartphone. ZDNet has more on Nielsen's research here.

Meanwhile, a new report from Distimo found that among the 200 highest-grossing apps in the iTunes App Store, 72% of the revenue came from in-app purchases. Boy Genius Report states (here) that's up from 28% last year.

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