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The Media Audit names radio stations', clusters' web sites with highest metro reach

Tuesday, September 3, 2013 - 11:15am

The Media Audit took a look at radio station websites in over 80 U.S. cities, and have named those stations and clusters that regularly reach the highest percentage of their metro adult population.

"The latest figures suggest that radio websites are growing in popularity and are becoming more important in defining the overall reach for a radio station or radio group," says The Media Audit.

Top honors for a single station belongs to public radio KOPB-FM/Portland, OR. More than 385-thousand adults of a metro population of roughly two million have visited the site in the past 30 days. The Media Audit says this reach, a whopping 19.8% of Portland's 18+ metro population, is the highest of any station site it studied. No other single station's site topped 6.2% reach.

In July, The Media Audit reported KOBP-FM has the second highest unduplicated combined on-air/web reach, 27.4% of the Portland, OR metro (San Jose KQED ranked first). At that time, the site reached nearly 22% of the adult metro population in 30 days (RAIN coverage here).

In its ranking of clusters (stations in the same metro with the same owner), Bonneville's three stations in Salt Lake City, UT collectively reach 11% of the metro every month. Entercom's 7-station cluster in Buffalo, NY is a close second with 10.9%.

Looking at the nation's top market, The Media Audit says CBS Radio sites in New York attract over 434-thousand unique visitors from the market a month, followed by Clear Channel's 420-thousand in that market.

Read more from The Media Audit here.

Pandora claims 6.13% of U.S. radio listening; 22.6% of 18+ in Media Audit markets listen monthly

Monday, August 6, 2012 - 12:45pm

Pandora says its July numbers show it now claims a 6.13% share of total U.S. radio listening. The leading webcaster streamed 1.2 billion hours of content last month to an active audience that grew to nearly 55 million by month's end.

It's an impressive comparison to July 2011's figures. Then, Pandora streamed 637 million hours (which means they're up 76% in the last year) to 37 million active listeners (so, a 48% increase), representing 3.51% of total U.S. radio listening.

Interestingly, audience survey firm The Media Audit on Friday issued a correction to its recently reported Pandora estimates (which were reported in RAIN here). They reported Pandora's current total reach as 11.3% with adults 18+. As it turns out, the company didn't ask survey respondents about Pandora in 20 of the 81 markets it studies. So, when only those 61 markets in which Pandora usage was measured are tabulated, its shows "Pandora's reach among adults within The Media Audit's 61 measured markets to be 22.6%, and represents more than 30.7 million unique monthly users within that same footprint."

Salt Lake City was Pandora's top market among those The Media Audit surveyed, showing almost 32% of its 18+ population having logged onto Pandora in the typical month. SLC tops Boston (30.7%), Atlanta (30.3%), San Diego (28.8%), and Charleston (27.9%).

Read Pandora's press release here; The Media Audit's correction here.

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