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Triton chief at RAIN Summit West: Start registering your listeners

Monday, April 23, 2012 - 12:35pm

RAIN Summit West 2012

Last week's RAIN Summit West in Las Vegas included a new feature: POVs. Short for "Point of View," these presentations feature industry thought-leaders offering their stance on a certain topic. This year's topic for discussion was "Redefining Radio."

The first POV was delivered by Triton Digital CEO and President Neal Schore. He argued that radio and webcasters should "stop debating" and instead start focusing on better monetizing audiences. "Our space is greatly undervalued compared to other media channels that don’t provide nearly our capabilities," said Schore. He pushed radio to accommodate listeners' wants and provide services wherever and whenever the audience wants. "If you won't, someone else will," he warned.

Schore also argued Internet radio services should start asking all users for registration information. Such registration could collect age, gender, location and other information, all of which would benefit advertisers and help make the service better for users as well.

"I couldn’t agree more," writes RAIN Summits president Jennifer Lane at Audio4Cast. Registration "enables [web radio services] to offer highly targeted ads and content that is more interesting to the listeners and more valuable to advertisers. It expands the time that listeners are willing to spend with a station, and it raises the likelihood that they’ll interact with an ad because that ad is specifically targeted." You can find Lane's coverage in Audio4Cast here.

Stay tuned for more coverage of RAIN Summit West, including videos of the panels and presentations!

Research presented at RAIN Summit West shows Internet radio popular among fastest growing demos

Friday, April 20, 2012 - 11:15am

The Media Audit's research presented at RAIN Summit West 2012The Media Audit Executive Vice President Phillip Beswick presented "Fast Facts on Internet Radio" at RAIN Summit West 2012 earlier this week. The 10-minute presentation was packed with information, including the fact that around 20% of adults 18+ said they listened to Internet radio in the past week (based on 54,000 surveys). That figure jumps to nearly 40% when looking at just 18-34 year-olds, Beswick revealed.

Moreover, web radio is popular among two of the fastest growing demographics, said Beswick: cellphone-only consumers and Hispanics. Among both groups, around 25% said they listened to web radio in the past 7 days.

The Media Audit's study also found that Internet radio tends to be most popular in mid- to large-sized markets: Charleston, SC is #1 (with 29.3% of adults listening to web radio), then Atlanta, Salt Lake and Boston. Beswick showed that if Internet radio was a single cluster in New York or L.A., it would be the third largest cluster in either market (reaching around 1 in 5 adults). In both cases, the percentage of adults visiting radio station websites trailed web radio usage, explained Beswick.

The Media AuditNot surprisingly, The Media Audit found that Internet radio listeners tend to be in the higher income brackets with a college education. Though Beswick showed that adults spend "more time with radio than any other medium," he also found that web radio reaches around 10% of people who don't listen to AM/FM radio -- "and thus can add reach to a radio campaign." Additionally, web radio users tend to be heavy radio listeners and so Internet radio "can add frequency to a radio buy."

As mentioned earlier, Phillip packed  a lot of information into his 10 minute presentation at RAIN Summit West 2012. And as Tom Taylor of Radio-Info reports, he "was quickly handling out business cards afterwards, to folks who wanted a copy of his Powerpoint."

You can find out more about The Media Audit here. You can find Radio-Info's coverage of the presentation here.

We'll have more coverage of RAIN Summit West's presentations and panels in the days ahead and hope to soon offer video coverage of the event as well. Stay tuned!

Vegas conference jam-packed with insightful discussions, new research, new ideas

Tuesday, April 17, 2012 - 11:00am

RAIN Summit West 2012

RAIN Summit West 2012 this past Sunday was a whirlwind of a day, packed to the brim with new research, fascinating discussions and more than a few thought-provoking ideas. It was without a doubt our biggest and best conference yet: hundreds of people attended to hear from more than 50 speakers, 2 keynote presentations, 2 research presentations, 3 POVs (Points of View) and 7 panels.

We'd like to thank all of our speakers and presentators, all of our sponsors and of course everyone who attended!

We'll post videos of the Summit from RTT News as soon as possible and have more coverage of the conference in the days ahead. In the meantime, here's a quick list of some of the coverage of RAIN Summit West:

You can find RAIN Summit West's agenda and speaker list here.

We hope you'll join us in Texas on September 18 for RAIN Summit Dallas, or on October 5 for RAIN Summit Europe in Berlin.

New developments for Internet radio announced in lead-up to NAB Show

Friday, April 13, 2012 - 11:55am

As you know, RAIN Summit West is this Sunday, once again a "co-located event" of what looks to be an eventful NAB Show. And as always, there are lots of big announcements made in the days before and at the convention. Here are a few RAIN readers should find interesting:

  • BRS Media Inc., which administers the ".fm" and ".am" top-level domains (TLDs), has submitted "an extensive, comprehensive and detailed" application to administer a new ".radio" TLD (in other words, web addresses like "ClevelandRocks.radio"). Read more here.

    BRS Media Chairman & CEO George Bundy will make a Pecha Kucha presentation about existing "industry specific" domains and ".radio" at RAIN Summit West (see today's lead story).

  • Triton Digital has updated its Advertising Platform, featuring the ability to target for pre-roll and instream ads by listeners' specific mobile device or country (or many other pre-specified custom criteria). Clients can also more easily forecast delivery to mobile-only listeners and see real-time campaign results. Read more here.

    Triton Media Group President/CEO Neal Schore will make a POV presentation at RAIN Summit West, and Triton's Robert Favre and Michael Becker will be panelists.

  • Liquid Compass and AdsWizz will unveil new features for Liquid Compass' LC Pro 2.0 streaming player (here), designed to increase both ad opportunities and interactivity. The new features include a "portable" "Now Playing" widget, custom couponing ("daily deals"), custom polls (surveys), on-the-fly advertiser "takeovers" of the player, and client controls to more quickly customize the look of the player. Read more here.

    Liquid Compass CEO and founder Zackary Lewis will make a POV presentation at RAIN Summit West.

  • Abacast has announced its "Personalized Live Radio" service, combining broadcast radio's "live and local" content with music-personalization features found on Net-only radio services (e.g. Pandora). The new PLR integrates Abacast's "Cloud-Based Insertion" to insert custom content and ads; ad campaign management; and a "song personalization engine." Abacast plans to make PLR in Q3 of this year. Read more here.

RAIN Summit West 2012: One day, nearly 50 speakers, more than a dozen presentations

Friday, April 13, 2012 - 11:55am

Editor's note: RAIN will return Tuesday, April 17. See you in Vegas!

RAIN Summit West 2012

Our eleventh annual Internet radio conference -- RAIN Summit West -- takes place this Sunday in Las Vegas.

We have limited space left so if you'd like to attend, please register here before it's too late.

The Summit takes place at The LVH -- Las Vegas Hotel & Casino (formerly the Las Vegas Hilton, a new location for us!). Our conference will take place in Ballroom C.

Quick Links:

We'll get under way at 9:30am on Sunday, April 15 and expect to finish at 5:45pm.

The keynote presentation by ESPN's Traug Keller will take place at 4:30pm, while Kurt Hanson's State of the Industry Address will start at 11:45am (just before lunch).

RTT News will shoot the event and video coverage will be posted soon after the Summit concludes. We'll also have full coverage of the Summit in RAIN next week.

RAIN Summit West 2012 will conclude with our -- believe it or not -- 13th annual RAIN Reader Cocktail Party. It will take place on the LVH's third floor pool deck, by the gazebo. More details will be provided during the Summit.

Safe travels to all and we look forward to seeing you in Vegas!

Reminder: RAIN Summit West is Sunday

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - 11:40am

We hope you'll be able to join us for our 11th annual Las Vegas conference, RAIN Summit West, coming up on Sunday. We're looking forward to a full day of education and inspiration, and great networking. Registration is still available on a very limited basis, here.

Don't forget, we're in a new location this year, the LVH Las Vegas Hotel & Casino (formerly the Las Vegas Hilton, just north of the Convention Center).

We're especially looking forward to the keynote address from SVP Production Business Units at ESPN (and former ABC Radio Networks president) Traug Keller. That's at 4:30p. See the day's full agenda here.

Another highlight is a new feature this year, the "POV" segments. Kind of like "mini-keynotes," three industry thought-leaders will each take 10 minutes with the theme "Redefining Radio." Our inaugural POV speakers are Triton Media Group President/CEO Neal Schore, Borrell Associates Founder & CEO Gordon Borrell, and Liquid Compass Founder & CEO Zackary Lewis.

We'd also like to welcome U.S. Copyright Office General Counsel David Carson, who'll sit down for a one-on-one with David Oxenford of Davis Wright Tremaine to discuss copyright royalties. Kurt Hanson's annual "State of the Industry" is set for 11:45a, and our traditonal RAIN Reader Cocktail Party will cap off the day.

We wish you safe travels, and look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas.

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