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Henry Mowry joins RAIN Enterprises

Monday, November 4, 2013 - 1:10pm

We are pleased to announce that veteran sales and marketing expert Henry Mowry has joined RAIN Enterprises as Account Director. He started on Friday, Nov. 1. Mowry will develop and manage sponsor and advertising relationships across RAIN Summits and RAIN Publications.

Mowry spent 22 years as Director of Sales at Radio & Records, from 1987 until the publication’s final issue in 2009. He was also Director of Sales at in3media.

“RAIN has been the leader for a very long time,” said Mowry. “It’s an honor to join the team, and be a part of the exciting new initiatives."

Mowry joins RAIN Enterprises at an inflection point, as the Summits and Publications businesses are merged into a single management structure under one brand. Jennifer Lane is the CEO of RAIN Enterprises.

About RAIN Enterprises

Comprising RAIN Summits and RAIN Publications, RAIN (Radio and Internet News) is the preeminent source of networking and information about Internet radio and online audio.

Since 2003, RAIN Summits have been the premiere educational and networking events for the webcasting industry. Geared to broadcasters on the web and Internet-only webcasters alike, the Summits attract speakers and audiences on the cutting edge of the future of radio and consumer listening choices.

The RAIN Newsletter and website furnish news and commentary about the emergence of streaming audio and radio’s adjustment to a digital world. The newsletter has been a crucial daily resource for thousands of readers during more than a decade of change in the radio and digital music industries.

RAIN Summit Orlando Session 1: Alternate Revenue Strategies

Tuesday, October 29, 2013 - 9:20am

This RSO panel explored platforms and strategies that drive incremental revenue for streaming audio companies, including performance-based and direct-response campaigns, ad exchanges, daily deals, and more. Moderator:

Paul Heine (Inside Radio)

Panelists: Dan Weiner (Pandora), Ted Gurley (Univision), Matt Cutair (Dial Global) , Daniel Anstandig (LDR Interactive)

RAIN Summit Orlando now available for audio streaming

Friday, September 27, 2013 - 12:45pm

Did you miss RAIN Summit Orlando, the premiere gathering of Internet radio professionals? Now you can catch up with the entire audio content of RSO panels, keynotes, and RAIN Internet Radio Awards, either via streaming or downloading. For web listening, look at the sidebar of this page for the orange Play button. Click on any session listed beneath it, to hear that entire session.

The audio tracks are stored on SoundCloud (here), which is where you want to go for downloading any or all of the Summit sessions. Once downloaded, you can transfer to mobile and listen while sitting in a cafe (to block out the alt-caffeine soundtrack), while working out (Summit topics definitely get the heart pumping), or while meditating (for subliminal intake).

The Summit agenda and speaker list are laid out here. Broad topics include ad insertion, alternative revenue strategies, building a digital sales team, the Internet radio marketplace, streaming music trends, connected cars, and keynotes from Entercom CEO David Field and RAIN founder Kurt Hanson.

Enter your webcast in up to five RAIN Awards categories

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 - 11:25am

Today is the final day to enter your station or webcast service in the 4th annual RAIN Internet Radio Awards.

We'll announce the winners and present the awards at the RAIN Summits fall event in conjunction with the RAB/NAB Radio Show. This year, we'll be in Orlando on September 17th (today is also the deadline to take advantage of the $99 early-bird registration price).

Our panel of independent judges, made up of industry professionals, will choose a single winner in each of the following categories:

  • Best Overall Online Radio Service
  • Best Streaming Broadcast Station
  • Best Single Station Webcaster
  • Best Overall Digital Strategy
  • We've added a fifth category this year: International excellence in Online Audio

The new fifth award will recognize global excellence among services not based in the United States (though non-U.S. operators are still eligible for the other appropriate categories as well).

The RAIN Internet Radio Awards were created to recognize the achievments of webcasters and broadcasters who shape our industry. This year's edition is sponsored by Triton Digital. Last year Pandora and ESPN Audio shared the RAIN Award for Best Overall Online Radio Service. ESPNRadio.com was also named Best Streaming Broadcast Station, while Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio was selected for Best Overall Digital Strategy, and independent webcaster RoothogRadio.com won Best Single Stream Webcaster.

If you represent a broadcaster, webcaster, or other online audio service, enter the competition today via the RAIN Internet Radio Awards website.

RAIN Summits are the premiere educational and networking conferences for the Internet radio and streaming audio industry in the US and Europe. The Summits feature panel discussions and presentations from leading executives and entrepreneurs in Internet radio. Learn more here.

Industry expert suggests iRadio streaming service will come to protect iTunes download business

Thursday, April 18, 2013 - 1:05pm

A recent piece in GigaOm suggests Apple will launch an Internet radio service not to compete with Pandora, but to bolster its music sales business against competition from on-demand services like Spotify.

As NPD Group's Russ Crupnick explained to the RAIN Summit West audience in Las Vegas, his company's data shows 38% of American consumers still think it's important to "own" music (as opposed to accessing it via on-demand streams). But for users of Pandora and other webcasters, that number rises to 41%. What's more, many of these respondents said they've purchased more new music because of what they hear on these services.

It's logical to assume, as GigaOm contributor Janko Roettgers, that partisans of on-demand services -- since they basically have any music at their fingertips at any time -- aren't nearly as compelled to purchase music downloads.

So, while the Spotify-type services, since they replace music ownership, compete with iTunes download sales, Pandora actually encourages music sales.

Apple's move would simply keep that stream listening "in-house" (and perhaps they can sell some ads) and make it ever-so-slightly easier and quicker to sell a download.

Not that this will be easy. An article from The Street (in MSN Money) reminds observers that even a titan like Apple "cannot overcome Pandora's enormous first-mover advantage."

Two major points here: (1) Pandora has created an extensive sales structure with the goal of capturing traditional radio ad spending. Apple is far behind in this respect; (2) Apple "simply will not be able to do personalization and discovery -- two key components that set Pandora apart from its competition -- at the level necessary to match the quality of Pandora's offering as push-a-button-and-li​sten-wherever-you-ar​e radio." writes The Street.

Regardless, as the NPD data also shows, Apple's share of the download market (while still as dominant 63% in 2012) has been falling in recent years (from 68% in 2011, 69% in 2009).

Roettgers concludes, "That’s why it’s smart for Apple to invest in iRadio. The goal is not to kill Pandora, but to actually bring that type of radio service to more users, and keep them from switching to a full-blown access model."

Read the GigaOm piece here; Reuters on more NPD data here; and The Street in MSN Money here. Finally, listen to NPD Group's Russ Crupnick's presentation from RAIN Summit West here on SoundCloud (press the orange "Play" button when the page loads).

Hear audio from Vegas Summit on TuneIn and SoundCloud

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - 12:35pm

We're really happy to let you know that you can now hear complete audio from our recent RAIN Summit West conference in Las Vegas earlier this month. If you weren't able to make it out to Vegas for the show (or you were, and you'd like to review), audio of every panel, speech, and presentation is now available.

First, we've uploaded every element from the Summit as separate audio files to SoundCloud, which you can find here. Listen to each on-demand, in any order you want, when you're ready.

You can also listen to the Summit, front-to-back, as a stream from RAIN Summits streaming partner TuneIn (which carried audio live along with technology partner Backbone Networks). RAIN Summit West on TuneIn is here (if you have any problems connecting, please try both the AAC and MP3 streams -- you'll see links in the lower-right on TuneIn under "AVAILABLE STREAMS"). You can also listen via TuneIn's mobile app -- just look under "Talk" and "Technology," or search for "RAIN Summit."

Make sure you visit RAIN Summits' Facebook page as well for snapshots from the event (including the RAIN Reader Cocktail Party).

Registration is now open for the May 23 RAIN Summit Europe at the Hotel BLOOM! in Brussels. Please visit the RAIN Summit Europe page for agenda details and to register.

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