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RAIN Hotspots: Week of Nov. 11 - Nov. 15

Friday, November 15, 2013 - 5:25pm


Here are the top five, most-read articles this week, published at any time.

An inside view of Pandora’s ad production (11/11):: RAIN interviewed Greg Cutler, an independent voiceover producer who has been making audio ads for Pandora for over two years. It’s a fascinating glimpse into one aspect of the Pandora operation. [READ]

Pandora is a $5-billion company (11/13): Three straight days of upward stock movement pushed the Internet radio company above the $5B market cap. [READ

BIA/Kelsey: Radio stations are more than just radio stations (11/13): BIA/Kelsey chief economist Dr. Mark Fratrik talked to RAIN about a new local media revenue report He offers a prescription for generating more digital revenue. [READ

Study: Connected car growth driven by diagnostics, not infotainment (11/12): Iain Gillott author of a new iGR study of connected cars, talked to RAIN about what’s really fueling [ahem] market growth. [READ

AccuRadio does a Christmas deep dive (11/11): ‘Tis the season...ready or not. AccuRadio builds out a 49-station Christmas music juggernaut. [READ

RAIN Hotspots: Week of Oct 28 - Nov. 1

Sunday, November 3, 2013 - 11:35am

Here are the top five, most-read article this week, published at any time.

Dave Allen blog-debates David Byrne about Spotify (10/21): Continued interest in Spotify verbal wars puts the longest-running of this weeks Hotspots in the top position. [READ]

Edison Research documents the “barrage of new” (10/28): RAIN talked with Larry Rosin, head of Edison Research, about the company’s recently released video interviews of new-car buyers struggling to understand their digital music systems. Where does radio fit in? [READ

Survey and Interview: iTunes Radio little threat to Pandora (10/29): RAIN spoke with the author of a survey studying the experiences and intentions of iTunes Radio users who also use Pandora. Is there room for both services? [READ

REVIEW: New Rhapsody features in Android (10/30): An important update to Rhapsody’s Android experience offers sound equalization and backskipping in Radio mode. How do these features stack up? [READ

Microsoft’s new Web Playlist dismantles traditional “station” listening (10/22): RAIN readers show persistent interest in Microsoft’s Xbox Music feature which can turn text-only websites into music playlists. [READ

RAIN Hotspots: Week of Oct. 21-25

Friday, October 25, 2013 - 11:45am

Here are the top five, most-read articles this week, published at any time. 

Sirius XM apparently drops stations, infuriates users: RAIN noticed that Sirius XM’s Facebook page was exploding with comments from outrages users, over missing stations in the satellite broadcaster’s channel lineup. We never got a response to several requests for comment from Sirius XM. [READ]

Sirius XM will reportedly drop Clear Channel stations soon: Related to the above, from which many readers clicked over for background information. Sirius XM remains in the news, having announced slightly higher subscription prices for 2014. [READ]

Apple announces 20-million iTunes Radio users; fuzzy math abounds: The Apple-vs.-Pandora media tornado got moving when Cupertino announced latest audience metrics for iTunes Radio. Problems arise when you compare apples to oranges. (See what we did there?) [READ]

INTERVIEW: Jim Lucchese, CEO, The Echo Nest: Readers settled into Part 1 of our conversation with the head of a powerful unseen force in music services. [READ] (Part 2 is here.) 

Microsoft’s new Web Playlist dismantles traditional “station” listening: Readers are interested in a unique new feature in Xbox Music that unleashes the hidden musical quality of web pages. [READ]

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