WSJ covers trend in programmatic ad buying, including Triton's a2x system

Friday, May 3, 2013 - 11:50am

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on the growing trend in "programmatic ad buying" -- using automation tools to buy digital ads via real-time auction.

Triton Digital recently introduced its a2x "programmatic buying solution" for online audio ads (more in RAIN here), which Triton Digital president of market development John Rosso explained at RAIN Summit West (here).

The paper wrote, "With programmatic buying, which can often be done in real time, advertisers can log on to a website and select where they want ads to run, how long the campaign is to appear and their maximum bid for the space. With another click the technology begins bidding on ad space that matches the request."

Triton has reportedly run ad campaigns for a "handful" of advertisers and sells inventory for CBS Radio, among others.

Read more in The Wall Street Journal here. (Off-topic detail of no interest to anyone: The "Clark/Lake" Chicago "L" station mentioned and photographed in the article is the very station this reporter uses in his daily commute to RAIN's offices. More interesting, yet far less cheerful, is this news.)

Triton Digital's Rosso intros new a2x "programmatic buying" platform for audio at Summit

Wednesday, April 10, 2013 - 1:40pm

RAIN Summit West organizers invited two of the industry's thought leaders to address attendees about where they see Internet radio going. Triton Digital Market Development president John Rosso went first on Sunday morning, and used his slot to familiarize the crowd with the concept behind his company's new a2x platform: programmatic audience buying for audio.

The problem Triton Digital's new solution addresses is: 12% of radio consumption now takes place online, but the segment gets just 3% of the ad revenue. Online radio needs to make a better case to digital marketers, who demand higher scale for most services, and digital "capabilities" like ad targeting (by listener, not content), better accountability, and third-party tracking.

The display, video, mobile, and social ad markets have already addressed this with programmatic audience buying: automated, rules-based inventory sales with real-time bidding. CPMs are rising and this year, he said, marketers will spend more than $4 billion in programmatic ad markets. Now, Rosso says, it's a solution for audio.

His company recently created a2x, a programmatic buying trading platform for audio. The new platform addresses the biggest deficits digital marketers see with current online audio campaigns. But it also benefits services with real branding campaigns (not remnant), price controls, and easily co-exists with direct sales efforts.

Look for more RAIN Summit West recaps in RAIN in the coming days.

Inside Radio: Automated ad buying could drive up demand and CPMs for Net radio

Monday, March 18, 2013 - 12:20pm

In January we reported Triton Digital announced its a2x "programmatic buying" solution for streaming audio ads (here), and the launch of Xaxis Radio -- a "digital trading desk" -- on the agency side (here).

Today Inside Radio predicts automated auction buying to grow and help generate revenue for online radio.

"As more shops and broadcasters take a seat at the exchange, multiple buyers would bid against each other for the same audience impressions, driving up demand and tapping into digital budgets. The goal for broadcasters is to extract higher costs per thousands (CPMs)," reads the Inside Radio coverage.

Earlier this month, CBS Radio became the first major service to sign on to Triton Digital's a2x service (press release here).

"It's opening up the door to whole new budgets that we haven't touched before," says CBS Local Digital Media president Ezra Kucharz. "There are certain advertisers that are only going to buy this way in the future."

Inside Radio points to automated buying first in paid search advertising, then in digital display, as the trend.

"Now that executives who rose through the ranks from digital are in charge of planning and buying all media at Universal McCann, Starcom USA and Zenith," watch for automated buying to increase.

There's more on a2x from Triton Digital here.

Xaxis Radio "programmatic buying" for Net radio built on Triton Digital's new a2X tech

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 12:50pm

A firm named Xaxis, partnered with Triton Digital, is launching Xaxis Radio, calling it Internet radio's "first programmatic audience buying product." (Programmatic audience buying allows marketers to buy ad inventory -- in this case, for Internet radio -- via real-time-bidding.)

Xaxis Radio, along with the company's Data Management Platform (DMP), integrates online and mobile radio within overall digital media campaigns.

Triton Digital last week (in RAIN here) announced the launch of its a2x, the Net radio-focused programmatic ad buying technology. Xaxis Radio not only uses the a2x technology, but Xaxis customers will get access to Triton's global impressions inventory.

Read the press release here and more in AdWeek here.

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