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Sean Ross: Use FB to be interactive, not intrusive

Thursday, September 29, 2011 - 9:00am

One well-respected industry journalist recently shared his own thoughts regarding radio's embrace of Facebook data-sharing: Sean Ross, in Radio-Info.

Facebook page with Spotify timelineSeveral online music/Internet radio were announced last Thursday as part of Facebook’s new music platform, like Spotify, iHeart Radio, Rhapsody, Slacker, RDIO, MOG, and Jelli. Ross found that while he enjoys the ability to share music, sharing everything all the time can quickly lead to "too much information," for both ends of the transaction.

"With Spotify, however, I was already concerned about what I might be unknowingly sharing with my Facebook friends," Ross wrote. "And the iHeartRadio app, while much improved, was a little heavy handed about asking me to log in through Facebook (which you have to do to create personalized stations). It also no longer lets me add a station to my favorites from the App, but tries to make me sync my station preferences to iHeart’s cloud."

As suggested in RAIN's top story today, online radio/music services may soon feel some blowback to what might be perceived by listeners as "too much Facebook sharing," and find pulling back a little leads to a better consumer experience. 

"The first goal of making 'radio' available on more platforms should be increased listening, or maintaining existing listening, by going where listeners are," said Ross. "Building a station’s mailing list or harvesting metrics for advertisers, particularly somebody else’s advertisers, should be a bonus, if listeners are willing to share. Interactive is good. Intrusive isn’t."

Sean Ross writes the Ross on Radio newsletter and Radio-Info (where he's Executive Editor, Music & Programming) column twice weekly. He's also VP/Music and Programming at Edison Research. We recommend you read his column, "Read This Article, No Facebook Log-In Required," in Radio-Info.

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