Abacast publishes case studies on clients "generating significant profits" with streaming

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 - 10:00am

Streaming solutions provider Abacast has announced it's making available two recent case studies which it says show how Abacast client broadcasters are "generating significant profits in radio streaming" with the company's products. Abacast Clarity

The first case study features Federated Media, an Indiana broadcast group with 15 stations. Abacast says Federated was able to sell more than 50% of its annual digital inventory with a "one-day sale" in September, which put the broadcaster past the point of annual profitability for streaming, and generated an annual gross profit margin of 83% (including bandwidth and royalty costs). Read more in the Federated Media case study.

Neuhoff Media owns 12 stations in Illinois, and is another Abacast client. Abacast's Neuhoff Media case study shows that in the first month of their efforts, Neuhoff's Decatur, IL cluster sold 40% of the available yearly digital ad packages, covering their annual streaming costs and achieving annual profitability, with streaming gross profit margins of 50% after the first month.

Abacast provides streaming and ad management software and digital sales services to the radio industry.

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