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Samsung and Nokia both stepping up their mobile music services

Monday, January 28, 2013 - 1:30pm

Samsung is reportedly planning to expand access to its cloud-based Music Hub service to its platform competitors' customers. Meanwhile, Nokia is launching a new premium version of its Nokia Music service for only $3.99 a month in the U.S.

Samsung's "Music Hub is a cloud-based service combining a user's own library with Spotify-style streaming, radio and discovery features. It’s essentially a rival to traditional music stores, online radio, streaming services and cloud locker services all in one package," explains The Next Web.

Nokia's "Music+ will be an ad-free service that lets users skip as many songs as they like rather than being limited to 6 skips per hour. Subscribers will be able to listen to Nokia Mix Radio and add songs to playlists, mark them as favorites, or save playlists to download songs," reports

More from The Next Web on Samsung is here; more from MobileBurn on Nokia+ is here.

Samsung launches its streaming music service, complete with Pandora-like radio, in the U.S.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012 - 2:00pm

Samsung Music HubAs rumored earlier this month (RAIN coverage here), Samsung has launched its Music Hub streaming music service in the U.S. The new service "wraps iTunes, Spotify and Pandora into one great package," explains Boy Genius Report's Zach Epstein.

He continues, "Like iTunes, Music Hub allows users to purchase tracks and download them or store them in the cloud for streaming [powered by 7digital]; like Spotify, Music Hub can stream an unlimited amount of on-demand music to smartphones or computers; and like Pandora, Samsung’s new service offers custom radio stations that provide endless streaming and help users discover new music."

Users will have to pay $10 per month to use Music Hub's streaming radio and on-demand features. "Samsung hopes consumers will find the whole package to be cheaper than subscribing to separate services like Pandora and Spotify," writes The Verge. Initially, the mobile service will only be available on Samsung's Galaxy S III Android smartphone devices. 

Though Music Hub isn't as focused as Pandora, Epstein says overall, "I’m impressed."

Boy Genius Report has more coverage here, as does The Verge here.

New Samsung streaming music service includes customizable and curated radio stations

Tuesday, May 29, 2012 - 11:10am

Samsung Music HubSamsung today unveiled its new music streaming service, Music Hub, in several European markets. The service was first announced together with Samsung's new flagship Android Galaxy S III smartphone and aims to be a "holistic" service (with access via mobile, web browsers, TVs and even refriderators).

The main attraction, as it were, is on-demand music access and cloud-based storage of local tunes. Users can "match" their local music with cloud versions for free (like iTunes Match). But a paid version (about $16 per month) opens access to an on-demand library of 19 million tracks from 7Digital.

In addition to the on-demand offerings, Music Hub's paid service includes streaming radio stations. Users can reportedly create customizable stations based on artists or tracks, or listen to genre-based streams "hand-crafted by the Music Hub team." The service is likely to land in the U.S. along with the Galaxy S III soon. 

Engadget has more coverage here, as does Mashable here. Find Music Hub's homepage here.

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